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About us is a leading service company in Sweden in the field of private investigations. We operate within Sweden and abroad, and we offer investigative and detective services for authorities, companies, and individuals. Every month we handle hundreds of inquiries that include private investigations, surveillance work, and security services.

Our Company

What we do

People normally refer to us as private investigators, as detective agency or simply as “spies”. We are a private intelligence, security and investigative company that offers a wide range of investigative services for both businesses, individuals, organizations, municipalities and authorities including Surveillance operations, Intelligence gathering and state of the art security solutions. Under the section “Our clients” you can read more about what we do for different client categories.


  • 2011 is founded in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden, with the purpose of offering unique investigative services to clients worldwide. The company was founded by three Israeli friends who earlier served in the Israeli military and Intelligence department. Same friends also founded another company called ISRA Intelligence with HQ in Tel aviv, Israel. We have dealt with hundreds of cases since we first became operational, and we have built up a strong contact network that extends across the globe, giving us unique abilities to obtain information that others do not have access to.

  • 2013

    Expanding all of our operations to entire Sweden, and we established our offices in Gothenburg and Malmoe.

  • 2017 is now a registered trademark that is operated by ISRA intelligence Services. All operations are conducted under ISRA Intelligence brand and registered under number 556814-7283. Legal entity name in Sweden is ISRA Intelligence Services AB.

Ownership is owned and run by ISRA Intelligence Services - a Swedish-Israeli intelligence service provider based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Our legal entity in Sweden are registered as “ISRA Intelligence Services AB” under registration number 556814-7283. ISRA intelligence is100% Privately owned.857.

Locations/ Where We Operate

We have local offices situated in most big cities around the world - in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Berlin, London, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Oslo, New York, Tel Aviv, Milan, and Paris. We are able to work in most parts of the world - handling whatever issue our clients come to us with, and we can generally start up a case very quickly thanks to our local offices and skilled personnel. Having a reliable network is essential in the business, and we offer this both in Sweden and across the globe.

We do operate internationally, however, we do not carry out missions in the following countries: Turkey, Somalia, Iran, North Korea, Nigeria, Chad, Iraq, Afghanistan, Belarus, Sudan, Mali, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia. This is due to safety reasons

Our Team

Our background

Our company ISRA Intelligence has been active since 2010 and started in 2011. We are a Swedish-Israeli company who operates in Sweden and around the globe. We work to offer our clients the absolute best in the industry regarding security services both for Private Individuals, Municipality, Lawyers, and Solicitors, Corporate clients, Authorities and International Clients. Many who call themselves private detectives only work as one, our team always works in a group of three. This guarantees continuity, efficiency, and discretion in our work.

Only Handpicked members

We have handpicked a team of competent private investigators who all have previous experience in investigations, surveillance, and security work around the globe. We do not accept job applications as all of our staff are handpicked by us carefully. We have a high requirement for our employees, and our members have a unique experience within the industry to

Experts in different fields

Many who calls themselves private detectives do not really have any training or even experience in the field. All of our employees, on the other hand, have solid competence as a private investigator, but also previous experiences in investigations, physical surveillance, and security work from eg. police, security service or military. Each member of our team brings a unique experience and are experts in various fields. In our team, we have experts in various fields as inhouse researchers, IT professionals, Surveillance experts and together we are the main core successful investigations.

Our Differences

Wide Contact Network

You can be a skilled private detective, but unless you have an established contact network in the areas where you intend to operate - you won’t get far. This is where we exceed, as our contact network is spread out across the globe. We have local offices in most larger cities, with trained teams waiting to take on missions in their area, and we have trustable sources and informants that help us obtain relevant information without delay. This eliminates the need to send our Swedish team to a distant location, as this wastes time and money both for us and for the client, and instead, we can start working almost instantly on-site thanks to our wide contact network.

Technology Above Standard

Technology, in general, has exploded in recent years, and this is something we take advantage of in our investigations. We have access to some of the most technically advanced equipment currently available, both at our head office in Stockholm and at the ISRA Intelligence head office in Tel Aviv, allowing us to do things that not even local law enforcement agencies may be able to do at this point. We work with technical investigations of devices such as cellphones and laptops, we retrieve lost and deleted data and we have the technology to aid with DNA- and fingerprint testing for investigations where this is deemed relevant.

The technology isn’t all we have, as we also have a team of highly skilled technicians who know how to make the most of it, and this - in combination with our experience out on the field - allows us to access information and obtain evidence that others can’t.

Documented, Reliable and Accurate

Every investigation we initiate gets our full attention, and we take no shortcuts while working on a case. Everything we see, hear and discover is carefully documented with image, audio- or video recordings, depending on what the situation requires, and all acquired material is presented to the client when the investigation has come to an end. The purpose of this is to guarantee the client the thorough investigation they are paying for - providing documented value for their financial investment, and to provide evidence that can then be used to take further action and/or to make a crucial decision. We never resort to speculation, but back all our facts and findings up with hard, documented evidence.

Cost-efficient investigations

When hiring us, the client will always know in advance how much the investigation is going to cost them, and there are no hidden fees that will pop up further down the line. Everything is carefully disclosed already before initiating the investigation, to give the client the opportunity to think it over and make an informed decision. We base our business model on honesty and transparency, and we do our best to offer prices that are fair both for us and our employed team members and for the client.

Our costs are low compared to many of our competitors’ thanks to our contact network and local offices across the globe. While another company may charge extra for flying their team to a foreign location during an investigation - we are likely to have a team ready and available on-site. This saves the client money, as it means reduced (or eliminated) transportation- and accommodation costs, and also an opportunity for us to respond fast to a situation.

That Little Extra is Always Included

We are dedicated to providing a highly personalized experience for each and every one of our clients; focus lies on open communication and mutual understanding, where we listen to our clients to fully understand what it is that they want. We then open up a conversation regarding what is possible, what the best strategies are and how we can make it happen within the required timeframe.

There is always a contact person for the client to reach out to with questions and concerns, and we do our best to keep the client informed throughout the investigation. This type of transparency is unusual in the business, and it is a working model designed to put the client first at all times and to give him or her peace of mind as the investigation proceeds, by being as open as we can be about our plan of action.

Our Clients

Private individuals

We are a serious company and we will only deal with serious clients who need investigations to be done with good results and well-executed investigations. We work with private individuals to help with Child Custody cases, Infidelity investigations, Surveillance Operations, Child abductions and a lot more.

Lawyers and Solicitors

We help Lawyers and Solicitors to secure evidence and investigations. We can either work directly together with lawyers or be hired by private individuals to help to find evidence to support your case. Our aim is to gather evidence to make the case solid and strong. We work closely together with a big number of lawyers and the demand for our services is increasing every year. Our Intelligence Gathering, Surveillance, and other investigation methods often have a very significant impact on the lawyer’s success in the case.

Corporate clients

We help corporate clients to give insights and a competitive edge, our mission is to help you make business decisions that are based on facts rather than guessing. We help both small and big corporations with investigations to help improve their business. We investigate everything from Sexual Harassments, Unjustified sick Leave, Background Checks, Due Diligence, Bribe investigations and suspicions of irregularity. We can also help corporate clients with control purchases to prevent infringement of your intellectual property rights.


We customize services for governments and municipalities. We assist municipalities with control purchases of alcohol and tobacco for underage individuals. We also offer Intelligence Gathering and investigations services for authorities like CSN, The Swedish Debt Collection Agency (Kronofogdemyndigheten) and The Swedish Social Insurance (Försäkringskassan).

International Clients

We work around the globe and can start up a new case within minutes no matter where the case is located. In many cases, it is vital for the case to start as soon as possible and this is possible due to our having offices around the globe, and also a big contact network.