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We offer services for lawyers and solicitors, such as assistance with preliminary investigations, forensic investigations, intelligence, and the investigation of ongoing cases. Our full range of services is at your disposal, to help to strengthen the backbone and foundation of an investigation.


An increasing number of lawyers and solicitors are now conducting their own investigations, and one of the reasons is due to the lack of resources available to police and law enforcement. Crime rates are going up in Sweden, and this, in combination with criminal cases not being investigated properly, is an issue. Evidence is sometimes left out of investigations, and key witnesses may not be interviewed at all.

To successfully conduct an investigation, you need a very specific skill set, patience, the right equipment, and experience, and this is something we can assist with. We work both with legal representatives and directly with the client, depending on what the situation requires.

We act as a helping hand in legal cases, where we provide you with intel and information obtained through physical and digital surveillance as well as investigation and other methods. In close collaboration with you and/or your client, we put together a plan to secure evidence that will help you reach your desired outcome.


We collect information, and we carefully document relevant events, actions, and individuals with both image and video recording. We are surveillance experts, and we always work discreetly and with complete professionalism. Physical surveillance is offered throughout Sweden, as well as abroad.

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Intelligence gathering means that we collect information related to a specific request made by you or your client. Such a request may, for example, refer to finding a hotel reservation, a travel booking, or the call logs for an individual.

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We assist lawyers and solicitors with conducting thorough background checks; this could be a background check on a witness, or an individual relevant in a divorce, a custody dispute or in a business setting. Our background checks dig even deeper than most, as we have access to both official and unofficial databases, from which we can retrieve information relevant to your case.

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Due Diligence is a way of gathering information related to an important business decision. Due Diligence gives you an in-depth understanding and knowledge of a company, of its employees and management. We also perform Due Diligence for lawyers and solicitors.

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In some criminal cases, it may become necessary to search digital devices, such as computers, cellphones, and tablets, for leads and evidence. It is not unusual for evidence of the crime and illegal activities to have been erased from a unit, purposely, and if this is the case – lawyers and solicitors may come to us for help. We have the skills, experience, and technology to recover lost or deleted data.

With our forensic investigations, we can retrieve data from defective and/or destroyed units, as well as from units where the material has been deliberately erased. We recover data such as text messages, pictures, videos, audio files, e-mails, and search history, and this information can then be used in a preliminary investigation or once a case has gone to court. The type of information we can access and provide is often crucial for the outcome of a case.

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When a custody dispute arises, both sides involved will often find it difficult to communicate and to find common grounds. In this situation, professional legal assistance is needed.
Sometimes one parent may be unfit for custody, either because of their current financial situation or due to documented violent behavior, abuse and/or other factors. In such a case, a custody hearing may be the best way to determine what is best for the child.

The best interest of the child is always top priority in a custody battle, and in such cases, both sides tend to be free to present whatever facts and evidence they see fit. We can assist a parent or a lawyer to find evidence for- or against a statement made, and we can help prove declining mental health, possible abuse and/or whether an individual is suitable as a custodian. If relevant, we also try to obtain evidence of physical and/or psychological abuse of the child or children in question.

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We deal with situations where a child is being kept from the other parent and/or another legal guardian. If this person has custody of the child, and if the child has been extracted from its home and/or kept hidden – legal action must be taken, but it can be difficult to locate a child that is being intentionally concealed, especially if having been taken abroad.

Our job is to locate these children with the use of methods such as surveillance and in-dept investigation, and we try to ensure the safe return of each child.

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We investigate the financial situation of an individual or an organization, and this includes looking at all kinds of assets. Our investigations are extensive and complete, where we check any existing assets and their true value. This service is built on sophisticated intelligence, where we look at assets that are officially accounted for, but also assets that are perhaps kept abroad, cars registered in someone else’s name and more.


Witnesses sometimes choose to disappear before a trial, to avoid having to testify, or there could be a case where someone isn’t aware of having witnessed something of value.

We can find people both in Sweden and abroad thanks to our large and extended global network. All surveillance is carried out discreetly, and we will only make contact after receiving your permission and confirmation.

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When we take on an assignment, we do a thorough control check to make sure that there is no conflict of interest or other reservations that should prevent us from participating. We can work either directly with the client, or with his/her legal representative.


Contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation to see what solutions are available for your particular situation.


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We were contacted by a lawyer in the United States on behalf of one of his clients. The client's wife was in Sweden a short visit, and it was suspected that she was being unfaithful. We used surveillance to gather evidence for the client, and we collected both photos and video recordings that showed that she was indeed being unfaithful. We then sent the evidence to the lawyer and the client, which led to the client saved a lot of money during the divorce.

Found Supporting Evidence in Custody Battle

We were contacted by a lawyer who needed help with a custody dispute. The client in question suspected that her children were being treated badly when with their father. The divorce had just gone through and our client now wanted full custody of the children for this reason.

We worked closely with our client to fully understand the problem, and our goal was for the children to end up in the right hands. Surveillance was set up and we took photos and recorded video, with which we were able to prove that the father did indeed mistreat his kids. At one point, the dad shook one of the children so hard that the court ended up considering it abuse. We put together an explicit report, and the evidence we had found eventually led to the woman getting full custody of her children.

Recovered Text Message Proved Rape

On a different occasion, we were contacted by a woman who claimed that she had been raped a few years ago. She also told shared with us that the man had sent pictures of pornographic nature to both her e-mail and cellphone. She had removed all text messages but wanted us to try to retrieve them, as the man was now denying having ever sent them.

We did a thorough forensic examination of her cellphone, and we were able to restore text messages showing both the pornographic material our client had mentioned, but also threats. The evidence was handed over to the police and the man was prosecuted for his wrongdoings.

Establishing Place of Residence and Home Address

A company was trying to locate an individual with unpaid debts, and who appeared to be staying away from the Swedish Enforcement Authority. This person was suspected to have moved to Germany and was most likely working there as well. The company and its lawyers had been unsuccessful in tracking down the man, and the hunt had been going on for quite some time.

When we were assigned to the case, we set up an action plan that involved technical surveillance in combination with physical surveillance and stake-outs. After about a week, the man was located and could be served the documents at his workplace, and then the foreclosure process could proceed.

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