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Background check can save you a lot of time and headache

As we move through our private and professional lives, we frequently meet new people. People who do not yet belong to our circle of friends and acquaintances, making them virtual strangers to us. These meetings are both natural and often rewarding, but sometimes, they present a need to find out more about who you are dealing with. offers background checks that meet your particular needs, for example before signing a contract or taking a business relationship to the next level. One area where background checks are common is when it comes to hiring new personnel. Some information about a potential employee, for example if they have a criminal past or if information in a CV has been fabricated, can be of the utmost importance when evaluating an applicant. Documentation shows that hiring the wrong applicant is a large financial drawback for companies, which in many cases could have been avoided by running a professional background check. Not only the professional sphere benefit from background checks, however. Sometimes, there are questions that need answers before taking a private relationship to the next level.

How do I order a background check?
You can contact us via email or over the phone.
International background checks?
Getting a clear picture of who you are dealing with can be particularly difficult if your new acquaintance works and resides abroad.’s network of contacts spans the entire world, making us uniquely qualified among Swedish investigation firms to run international background checks.
Ask us for a quote
We will offer you a quote after we have discussed your needs during our first free consultation session.
What kind of information can you find?
A background check can contain a variety of information, depending on what information is most important in its context. Common areas of interest include a person’s legal and financial status, their family life, and work and education resume.
Professional secrecy
All of our employees work under the strictest confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements. This also involve any and all inquiries for background checks.

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We offer free consultation over the phone or through email.
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