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Background control for companies and individuals

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Are you looking to recruit staff for your business? Our background checks give you a complete picture of your applicants and exclude unnecessary risks.

Background checks are useful for both businesses and individuals in all situations where someone is to be hired or recruited. The checks we carry out are in detail adapted to the situation and industry and include such things as legal and financial proceedings, family information and CV.


We provide background checks for companies, organizations, boards, human resources, private individuals and others. Our background checks are significantly more detailed and more comprehensive than what others in the industry can offer you, our background checks include both public information and many other factors. We have a large and documented expertise in the area and always adapt our controls to the exact need of the customer.

A background check is often a critical factor for a company that is in connection with employment, but can also be very important for a private individual who is going to hire a company or maybe get a babysitter. We can perform background checks both in Sweden and abroad. has a worldwide network of contacts and is therefore uniquely qualified among Swedish private investigation agencies to conduct international background checks.

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Both in business and in your private life you are constantly meeting new people who aren’t in your own circle and in that way is completely unknown to you. It is both natural and rewarding, but sometimes you have to be sure who it is you are dealing with. offers professional background checks that provide you with the information you need to make a good decision on cooperation, contract or employment.

In connection with new recruits, certain background facts can be done, like, information on criminal past or fabricated CVs is of great importance for the assessment of a candidate or applicant. Error in recruitment is a documented great expense for Swedish companies, which could have been avoided through a professionally performed background check. But even in your private life questions may arise about a person, perhaps a presumptive partner or someone who could be employed by the family to do a job. A background check can then straighten out the question marks.

Of course, as a private person, you may also be interested in a background check on a company. How does the company manage its business? Are there any complaints against the company? What does customer satisfaction look like? Has the company figured in any legal dispute?

Of course, our background checks are not limited to public documents. We dig much deeper than that. Many of our assignments are to obtaining difficult-to-access information, connections, documents, or evidence to substantiate a certain claim. There are also no national restrictions on the checks we carry out.


There are many occasions when a personal investigation is justified. Such a check provides important information about general status, reliability and whether the person has a criminal past. This control can cover different things, depending on what is most important in this context. The person’s legal and financial progress, family picture and CV are common to review. The personal investigation can either be a simple background check or be much more comprehensive depending on what your unique needs are. We can also do a complete mapping of a person if the need exists.


A background check for employment focuses on evaluating the character of the person and the reliability of a potential employee in the company. It is a natural part of the recruitment process and it results in a “secure employee”. Unfortunately, recruiting new staff is not an easy task and staff are not always honest on their resumes. Recruiting the wrong person can cost a company both money, time and reputation. A background check is therefore aimed at verifying the applicant’s identity, education, employment background, legal compliance, financial conditions, etc.

Through our unique background check, the client acquires knowledge about who you are dealing with and what can be expected of the person concerned. In this way, risks are minimized while improving the information in connection with employment, processes, investments, collaborations, mergers, acquisitions or other types of relationships.


Due Diligence is a factual gathering of a company’s history and its board of directors, both in the present and the past. The service can give you important information about the company if you are planning to buy or invest, take over a business or start a professional collaboration. Before entering into a partnership or taking over a business, it is important that you have all the facts on the table from the beginning. In all types of purchases or partnerships, including two or more parties, there is a risk that the selling party will hold back certain information that could interfere or jeopardize the purchase or the collaboration. Due diligence is therefore often critical for making important decisions of complex nature.

Due diligence for companies can easily identify assets and weaknesses as well as the background of the owners, the board and the management, as well as with suppliers, investors, employees, and customers. Due diligence is of course also valuable in connection with legal proceedings against or between companies.

The service is usually divided into legal, financial and commercial Due diligence. The service can be likened to laying a puzzle. Different central parts of the business are analyzed separately and then merged to form the whole picture.

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More and more airlines are ordering background checks of their staff who are working in the company, both those working at the airport and inside the plane as flight attendants and pilots. The ultimate goal is to guarantee the safety of passengers. Our background checks include the employees’ alcohol habits, whether there is or has been suspected of abuse, who their lifestyle has looked like before they were employed, and how it looks like during the employment. We make documentation on what we find and the documentation is an invaluable help for the company to be able to determine whether the individuals are capable of performing their tasks in a successful and safe manner.


You can always contact us for a free consultation where you can tell us about your problem and what you want help with. Contact us and we will tell you more!


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Background check prior to new employment

A company that was going to add an important key role in their IT department required that all of its staff are unpunished and generally well behaved. The background checks we did showed that one of the candidates was alcoholic and that he was last stopped for drunk driving a month ago. Along with other information that emerged about the candidate, it became obvious that he could not be recommended for the position. The background check had then saved the company with many future problems.

Background check on a new partner

A woman met a man online and started a relationship. The woman ordered a background check on the man to make sure that he was who he claimed to be and did not put her at risk. The direct reason the woman decided to do such a check was that she previously had bad experiences of men she met online. The woman had a strong concern that she would once again suffer from something similar. The background check on the new man could not reveal anything that caused concern.

Background check of babysitter

A family with two small children had a stressful life where both parents are entrepreneurs. After a discussion, the spouses decide to hire a babysitter for a couple of evenings every week. There were plenty of young people in the area who was interested in babysitting to earn some extra money. The family decides to let a 15-year-old girl work with them a couple of evenings a week. The wife did not feel safe with the girl after a neighbor told her something that she heard about the girl. The family decides to do a background check on the girl. It appears that the girl several times had mismanaged her work with other families by too often and for too long let the children alone while she devoted herself to her mobile phone while talking to her friends.

Background check of the foreign contributors

A smaller company was considering developing and expanding its operations to another country and was looking for employees in the country in question. Through advertising, a number of candidates had registered and submitted CVs and other documents. The company especially found one of the applicants interesting but decides to do a deeper background check. They contacted us because we have a large international contact network. The checks carried out showed that the candidate was unpunished, but that he a suspect in a number of investigations into drug-related crimes. The company addresses this with the man but fails to get clear explanations from him. Therefore, the suspicion of the man remains and the company did not want to take the risk of hiring the man as there are some question marks in his past that he could not explain.

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