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Cheating partner? Hire a private investigator to find out

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Do you suspect that your partner is cheating? Hire a private detective to confirm or dismiss your suspicions through an infidelity investigation.

Our work will give you an clear answer with well- documented evidence. Often, it is better to act on your gut feeling and contact a private detective at an early stage. The longer cheating goes on, the more severe the consequences are. An infidelity investigation often involves surveillance and technical analysis of mobile phones and other IT equipment

Our private investigators can help you to collect evidence if you suspect your partner for cheating.


If you suspect that your husband/wife or partner is cheating you can contact to initiate an infidelity investigation. An infidelity investigation involves different types of investigation methods to confirm or deny if your suspicions are true or if they can simply be dismissed. uses a combination of investigation methods that are all cost-effective and that will give you a quick answer.

These methods of investigation are adapted to your particular case based on what you already know, what you have observed and what you and your partner’s other life together looks like. It is very common today for people to hire a detective agency / private detective to investigate suspicions of infidelity and therefore there is no reason to feel doubtful or “uncomfortable” when contacting us. We have so far conducted hundreds of infidelity investigations and have very good knowledge and experience in this area. It is completely free of charge to contact us for consultation by mail or telephone.

Otrohet kan bl.a upptäckas genom en forensisk analys /Mobilanalys.
Data recovery report from a mobile phone can easily reveal if your partner is cheating/having an affair.


We have done hundreds of infidelity investigations and we’ve seen it all. We have seen people who have had several affairs at the same time, men who have lived a double life with two families, we have seen women who have traveled to different countries to have been unfaithful and people who claim to be working overtime, but instead have a romantic affair. As private detectives, we can recognize the typical signs of infidelity and we know what to look for when securing proof that your partner is unfaithful.

It should also be noted that the concept of infidelity does not have to mean exactly the same thing for all people. Cheating is always of an emotional nature, but it does not always have to be of a sexual nature. In today’s society, we also talk about Micro-cheating, which in most cases involves different types of relationships that are initiated and developed through social media


Suspicion of infidelity is often associated with observing some changes in the partner’s behavior or routines (more on that in the text below). We recommend that you act early if you have a suspicion of cheating, the longer the infidelity last the more difficult the time afterward for you become. But there is one thing you should absolutely avoid and that is acting TOO fast! Because suspicions of infidelity have a strong emotional load, it can be difficult to keep up with the upset and all the questions you have inside of you and carry around.

But a premature confrontation with no real evidence of infidelity often leads to the partner closing in and “raising his level of security” a few steps. So the best thing is to obtain evidence before confronting your partner and to do all this at an early stage. You really should do it already when the gut feeling signals that something is going on. Another thing to remember is that most people flatly deny that they have been unfaithful.


A classic mistake many of our clients makes is trying to investigate infidelity on their own. By hiring a private detective, you get a proper investigation and access to information that you yourself cannot get, such as who the suspect communicates with, tracking and surveillance. Another reason why you should hire a private detective is that the evidence you receive is clear and also makes it easier for you to make a correct decision about your relationship based on actual facts. Some believe that just suspicion of infidelity is enough to leave the relationship, but it is not that simple for most people. Often there is a family, maybe small children and a life that is difficult to break away from if you only have a “suspicion”. Therefore it is important that you really make sure you have concrete facts and otherwise correct information that confirms your suspicion. Any eventual evidence is not for your partner, but for yourself.


The worst thing is the uncertainty and the doubt – not knowing with certainty. The uncertainty itself can quickly develop into an uncontrollable force that makes you unable to sleep, unable to go to work, which for some can lead to, for example, tablet abuse. Not knowing if your partner is unfaithful, who he or she is unfaithful with can eat you up from the inside and worsen your quality of life and cause severe suffering.

We, therefore, believe that it is important that you quickly try to fix the problem and find out everything you need to know, whether you intend to leave your relationship or not. In some cases, clients have contacted us several years after their relationship has ended, but they still want to know what happened when their relationship dissolved.

Knowing – that you have all the pieces of the puzzle in place – also means in many cases that it is much easier for you to move on with your life, whether you intend to continue in the relationship or if you choose to go different paths.


For most people barriers exist inside of us. Once you break a barrier, it stays broken forever, whatever it’s about the fear of heights or infidelity. It is therefore very likely that a person who has been unfaithful will once again repeat his behavior and be unfaithful several times. In many cases, infidelity acts like a drug; one is constantly unfaithful to one’s partner. A person who has been unfaithful before is, therefore, more likely to be unfaithful again and a person who is found to be unfaithful has probably been unfaithful before.

UNIQUE WORKING METHODS has the ambition to help you achieve quick results with your infidelity investigation. This means that we try to reach the goal of the investigation as quickly as possible and in the least costly way for our clients. We are the only ones to offer the investigative methods we use as we have a cutting-edge expertise in IT:

  • Research & intelligence collection – Investigation type that aims to collect data (for example who the person communicates or has communicated with, bookings, ticket purchases and other). Mapping out of mobile traffic or retrieve mobile traffic logs/data etc is also possible.
  • Technical tracking– Tracking people to identify their geographical location now and we can also track back in time.
  • Mobile Traffic Mapping– As the only private intelligence company, we have the ability to survey mobile traffic to get relevant data to your query. It includes communication paths and tracking.
  • Physical Surveillance – F – Physical Surveillance means that a surveilling team follows a person and documents his / her activities with a picture and / or video recording. Surveilling is a very useful method for investigating infidelity and can be carried out in Sweden or abroad at no extra cost. This means that if your husband/wife/ partner is in a different location, the search can be initiated at that location.
  • Data recovery – Deleted Information such as deleted SMS, MMS, WhatsApp conversation, pictures, and logins can be recovered from mobile phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Advanced implementations – Advanced implementations – Investigations that require complex actions such as hidden camera surveillance, eavesdropping, and other advanced actions. The type of investigation is not common for infidelity investigations due to a considerably higher cost but available to clients who can afford to fund such measures and who need


In various studies, this is usually cited as contributing causes of infidelity:

  • Dissatisfaction– The person does not feel satisfied in the relationship – the sex life may have worsened and the problems in the relationship have become more difficult to handle.
  • Lack of appreciation – The person does not feel appreciated in the relationship and is looking for appreciation somewhere else.
  • Lack of tenderness – The person experiences a lack of love and tenderness in the relationship and seeks it elsewhere.
  • Age Crisis– The person has an age crisis and is “experimenting” to find more excitement in everyday life.
  • Bored– The person feels that the relationship is boring.
  • Impulse Action – The person acting on an impulse during a night out with friends or on a business trip.


She cries for no specific reason and seems absent.
She makes new friends you can’t meet.
She hides the cell phone from you and keeps a close eye on it
She buys lingerie that you can’t see.
She changes your mutual plans for the future.
She constantly talks about a certain colleague or person.
She wants to take a break in your relationship.
She lies about other actions.
She deletes conversations and logs.


He works late evenings and weekends for no real reason.
He travels a lot to conferences and courses.
He no longer has any interest in your sex life.
He talks on the phone on the toilet, deletes SMS and call lists.
He is unreachable on the phone for many hours without explanation.
He starts to be very critical of you, such as your appearance and career.


If you suspect that your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband is being unfaithful, it is important to get this proved as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to waste 10 or 20 years of your life on a partner who goes behind your back. Contact us for more information on how we can help you get your life back.

Hiring a private detective to prove infidelity may seem like a big or costly step, but staying in a relationship where your partner is unfaithful for a long time becomes even more costly (both financially and emotionally).


When you contact you can choose to be completely anonymous – even when you hire us. All communications that occur between us and you are confidential and your partner will never find out that you contacted us. Should we find any evidence of infidelity, we will pass these on to you in the form of photographs, video or other types of information gathering. How you then choose to move on is up to you, but of course, we are always there to help with our experiences and our knowledge.


Contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation to see what solutions are available for your particular situation.


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FAQ – Frequently asked questions about infidelity


Business trip to Sweden revealed a double life

We were contacted by a lawyer in the US who represented a client that suspected that her husband was unfaithful when he went on business trips to Sweden. We got all the details about his travels and where he would stay during his time in Sweden. We performed physical surveillance on him after he landed in Sweden and throughout the week he stayed here. We discovered that the man did not just have an affair - he actually lived a double life in Sweden with his partner and children. None of the women knew about the other. We handed over the evidence to the lawyer and his client demanded a divorce. Because the man had been unfaithful, the woman received a large sum of money and also kept their house. She also contacted the other woman to tell her what had been going on.

Boss was having an affair with his secretary

We were contacted by a man who suspected that his girlfriend was cheating with her boss. She worked more and more frequently and had also traveled to four different conferences over a period of two months. The man had already confronted her about the suspicions but she denied the accusations. We conducted information gathering around the conferences she allegedly went to and we found evidence of a hotel booking of only one room with one bed. We also performed physical surveilling and performed a forensic examination of her phone. We found text messages proving that the woman had a romantic relationship with her boss. We also followed the couple to a restaurant and were able to return with photo proof of their romantic relationship. We handed this over to our client who presented the evidence to his girlfriend.

A group of friends visited a brothel

A woman contacted us because she found it suspicious that her husband sometimes did not answer the phone for several hours. She had finally managed to install “Find my iPhone” on his phone and could see that he was on a brothel during a trip to Hamburg, Germany with his friends.