Custody conflicts


Custody battles or parental child abductions?

The number of abducted children is increasing every year, and in many cases, a parent or relative is the one abducting the child and taking it to another country. The reasons behind the increase in the number of child abductions is that more people move or travel abroad; fall in love and have children. Conflicts usually arise when the relationship ends and one parent wants to move back to their country of origin with the children. About 100 children are abducted in Sweden every year. The children are primarily taken to the Nordic countries and Western Europe, but they can also be transported to other countries around the world. If a parent abducts their children or refuses to let them go after a visit, the custody conflict becomes a case for international family law. However, the road to finding and returning an abducted child using means used by Swedish and international institutions can sometimes be extremely long.

Children who are not abducted by a parent or relative, but by a stranger, are unfortunately more often than not the victim of trafficking rings and are subjected to violations and abuse. One of the most famous cases involving a missing child is the case of the English girl Madeleine McCann, who vanished from the hotel her family was staying at during a vacation in Portugal in 2007. Since then, her parents have tirelessly tried to find their missing daughter. An abduction creates enormous strain on both the parents and the abducted child. The child is torn from everything it knows, the safety of the familiar, and you as a parent are subjected to the pain of not knowing if your child is suffering. Despairing parents turn to us at in order to locate and return their missing children, but also to gather evidence against and aid in the arrest of the abductor.

Gathering of evidence and information in custody conflicts
When it comes to gathering evidence in custody conflicts, the general rule is that of free demonstration of evidence, i. e anything that can be of importance to the case will be taken into consideration in court. The well being of the child is at the forefront in these conflicts, so the parents’ behaviors are analyzed in detail. How they act in court, if there is a history of alcohol abuse, the parents’ mental health, and how they treat the children are all of great importance. Our many years of experience when it comes to discrete surveillance and documentation in these kinds of situations could be of great value for your case.
What we need in order to help you
For some cases, we will need legal documentation that confirms your role as a guardian or custodian. In order to find out exactly what is needed in your case, we ask that you contact us for a briefing.
What you need to know
We are here to help you with your case and to find a solution that fits you. It is beneficial for you to familiarize yourself with the legal specifics of your case, and we have contacts in the legal system if you need support.
Resolved cases
We have unique qualifications and documented experience when it comes to aiding in custody conflicts and parental child abduction cases. We are proud of the many children and parents we have helped to reach a more stable home environment.

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