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Fingerprint Analysis / Comparing Fingerprint Evidence

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Do you need access to a fingerprint, or do you wish to compare a fingerprint with that of a suspect? We can help you find the proof you need.

Do you need access to a fingerprint, or do you wish to compare a fingerprint with that of a suspect? We can help you find the proof you need. In our investigative work, we can collect fingerprints from one or more suspects, and compare these to other fingerprints on file.


Every individual has a unique set of fingerprints. With forensic science (forensic technology), it is possible to lift fingerprints from objects and locations and to perform thorough testing to compare these with other fingerprints previously collected from suspected offenders or civilians. Our forensics are trained and they have plenty of field experience; they can help in private disputes and conflicts, and they can also assist a company or authority with conducting internal investigations.


For many people, the concept of forensic science is associated with film and television programs, where fingerprints are used to reveal, condemn or possibly exonerate a suspect. In real life, it works very similarly. This type of science and technology is useful when searching for clues and evidence to tie an individual to a place, to a crime or to another person.

Fingerprints can also be used to exonerate someone or to show that an investigation is on the wrong track, which is extremely useful for law enforcement agencies, and for companies that want to get to the bottom of an issue at the workplace.


  • Has a company where you suspect someone may be stealing, or in some other way dishonoring their work agreements; and where you need to find out who has touched a specific item or work surface.
  • Feels like you are being watched, and/or suspect that an intruder may have been inside your home without your knowledge.
  • Forms a part of an agency or government body that works with crime scene investigations.
  • For other reasons needs to find out who is guilty or innocent of a specific act or event.


We usually collect fingerprints using investigating techniques. Our agents target a certain person of interest, they observe this individual, document their habits and whereabouts, with the intention of finding a suitable opportunity to collect an item that the person in question has touched with their hands. Fingerprints can also be collected from items the client (you) hands over to us for examination.


The fingerprint is an entirely unique feature of each individual, and no two people share the same fingerprint. Even identical twins, who share the same DNA, each have a unique set of fingerprints. This makes it possible to determine – without reasonable doubt – who has touched a specific object. With stalking, for example, the perpetrator may be sending anonymous letters and/or presents to its victim. This is a case where fingerprints can be lifted off the received items, processed, and used to determine whether a person of interest is guilty, and you can also check for fingerprints to find out if an individual has been physically present at a crime scene.

Our forensics have the capacity and knowledge to collect fingerprints, to analyze and verify whether they come from the same person. We collaborate closely with a technically advanced forensic lab. Our forensics can be very helpful in, for example, a criminal investigation led by police and law enforcement agencies, but also in cases where individuals seek answers and evidence for personal disputes. Evidence produced by analyzing fingerprints can be used to corroborate a police report or official complaint or as evidence for someone’s involvement in a criminal activity.



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A Woman was Threatened and Stalked

A woman was threatened and stalked for several years, and due to the perpetrator leaving little to no evidence behind - the police were unable to intervene. However, this individual would send letters, postcards and small gifts, which enabled us to secure evidence - fingerprints - which could then be compared to a suspect's fingerprints.

Sabotage at a Work Place

A company in southern Sweden was sabotaged, but it came to a sudden stop as surveillance cameras were installed. This made it difficult to get hold of the culprit, who was obviously one of the company's employees, and the company CEO turned to us for help and assistance. We used sophisticated methods to secure fingerprints at the site where the sabotage had occurred, and when compared to the fingerprints of the employees (some were voluntarily surrendered and others were collected without the person's knowledge), the individual responsible for the sabotage was found, and legal action could be taken.

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