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With control purchases, we reveal irregularities within a business. The service we provide will give clear information regarding whether a business lives up to its promises of quality and service. It reveals cheating, dishonest companies, and traders. The control purchases are adapted to the needs of the business and can reveal such things as theft and waste, the occurrence of trademark infringement, overcharging, various types of cheating and violations of rules and regulations.


Control purchases mean that our investigators carry out purchases of services and goods, either on-site, over the phone or online, to determine compliance with laws and regulations. We also check that the product or service sold lives up to what is promised. Control purchases can be made on an occasional basis, or at regular intervals as and when the situation requires the service.

Regular test purchases and checks are important to ensure the quality of the service and products offered by a company, whether it is your own business or a competing business. It may also apply to quality control of suppliers, with the aim of protecting a business from theft and waste.


Our control purchases are used, for example, by companies investigating subcontractors, or in situations where you want to take a closer look at other companies, businesses, organizations and / or associations.

We have the opportunity to check if a business sells pirated copies of, for example, branded clothing, snuff, electronics, video games and more. Our control purchasing services help to find, stop and prevent cheating in different industries such as restaurant, dentist, car mechanic and clothing salesman. Below are some industries that can clearly benefit from our control purchases.


For restaurants and bars, we carry out extensive control purchases to investigate wastage within the industry. This means, for example, that we document the quantity of beer delivered and then compare it with sales figures during the current period. We also check cash handling, receipt handling and do a banknote check. The last one is a unique service where we by following larger banknotes from payment opportunity to cash accounting, can check that there is no waste in cash management.


An industry organization can contact us to check that their members comply with Swedish legislation and if not exclude the companies/members who do not fulfill their obligations. For example, a taxi company or its industry organization can contact us to investigate the extent of overcharged taxi travel within the industry and minimize the detrimental effect this can have on the entire industry.


We assist investigative journalists with control purchases in order to detect cheating and fraud and reveal irregularities, such as workshops that overcharge service or exaggerate the need for a service. In investigative journalism, there is a wide range of investigations that we can assist with.


We carry out control purchases at illegal sellers of digital TV services and satellite dishes. We can check that restaurants and bars have the right license to show specific TV programs, such as World Cup broadcasts or other major sporting events, but also so-called “card sharing” services that have become a major problem in the industry.


We can help the music industry with controls of restaurants, bars, shops and other establishments and businesses where music is being played for commercial purposes. Among other things, we look at whether the business in question has the permits needed to play music on its premises. Unfortunately, it is common for businesses to not have a permit and therefore make it difficult for artists and music producers to get paid for their professional and artistic work.


We can offer control purchases for individual companies where there is a suspicion of selling pirated products, such as snus and clothing.

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We can carry out control purchases at stores and improve the customer’s experience.

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We carry out control purchases for counties to ensure that companies and stores do not sell tobacco and alcohol to persons under the age of 18 or to persons who look underage without prior ID control.

Here you can read more about customized services for counties


If your industry is not listed above, we can still help you. Contact us and describe your problem and we will tell you more about how we can help.


Contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation to see what solutions are available for your particular situation.


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Theft and pilferage

TV license for business

Restaurants did not have permission to show the soccer World Cup


Smuggled cigarettes and sold tobacco to minors

A county in the Stockholm area contacted us to carry out control purchases of alcohol and tobacco to minors at a number of outlets and tobacco shops that the country had received tips on. As the country supervisory unit lacked "younger-looking" staff who could carry out this type of control purchase, they turned to us to set up a plan. Together with the staff, about a dozen control purchases were made over a week's time and everything was documented with a hidden camera. The suspicions could be confirmed and the result was that all traders were reported to the police and later convicted by the strong evidence we produced.

Car mechanics tricked their customers

A production company behind a large and well-known consumer program in Sweden contacted us to control car mechanics around Stockholm to find out how honest or dishonest the service workshops really were. We created a clear template for what to implement and control. With the help of a certified car mechanic, we checked and submitted about 50 different cars to different service workshops around Stockholm. A total of 20 workshops were checked. The results showed extensive but varying degrees of cheating, many receiving bottom grades in the consumer program.

Large store sold fake branded jerseys

We did a job for a client who suspected that one of the stores that sold their branded jerseys actually sold fake products. We checked the shirts that were brought into the store and made a control purchase on several of them. It turned out that the store sold both genuine and fake goods in the store. We were also able to trace the supplier of the fake jerseys, and he later had to close his business.

Pubs showed the World Cup without a license

During the World Cup we performed a number of inspection services at various pubs and restaurants to check that they did not send matches from the World Cup without a permit.

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