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We assist corporation boards and companies with safety and security matters, crisis management, internal investigations, due diligence, background checks and other similar services, depending on what is required. Our ambition is to reduce, or if possible eliminate, any safety risks and problems that may occur in the running of a business, such as issues related to employees, data breaches, information leaks, unethical competition and more.


There are some work related issues that may be difficult for a company to solve on its own, due to either the complexity of the situation or the lack of knowledge and experience, such as in the case of attempted extortion, data breaches, kidnappings and information leaks within the organization. Our security consultants are carefully hand-picked, screened and trained, and their extensive knowledge combined with our global contact network enables us to achieve quick and good results.

Security guidance can also be useful when trying to prevent incidents; it can stop a crisis before it occurs, and teach you how to deal with it to stop it right in its tracks.We carry out an extensive risk analysis, to see what weaknesses your company has and what can be improved, and then we set up a viable plan for how to proceed. Our ambition is always – if possible – to eliminate all risks, and this is one of the biggest reasons for why business owners, CEOs and corporate boards turn to us for help with problem solving.

The Services We Offer:

  • Management of internal Board issues.
  • Damage control: We make recommendations, analyze the risks and we set up preventive protocols.
  • Assistance with legal issues.
  • Risk Management.
  • The help and prevention of industrial espionage.
  • Preventing extortion of the company, shareholders, employees or family members.
  • Kidnapping prevention.
  • Protection against data infringement.
  • Travel safety: – For trips to high-risk countries and areas.


We help companies, organizations and corporation boards in situations where their reputation is at risk, or where it has already been tarnished. We are also there for you if you need help with media related criticism or bad reviews, or for whatever you find yourself needing.

Bad publicity is not necessarily the end of a company, but it requires action to be taken as soon as possible. We can assist with careful preparation and prevention, which is done through training, and by us providing you with information and relevant material, and we also work with damage control in cases where the damage has already been done.

Internal investigations may become relevant if something is not right within the company; if there is suspicion or evidence that indicate that someone within the company has made a serious mistake, or if foul play is suspected. In these situations, an internal investigation can be carried out to see how big the damage is.

Whether it is about negative publicity, a global recall of a product, a CEO’s reputation in the media or something else – we can help, and we assist with crisis management, internal investigation and damage control, which are all extremely important measures for the organization and for its reputation.


Entering into a new partnership or agreeing to a collaboration with another business, it can involve significant risks and negative consequences. These risks can be avoided if a Due Diligence investigation is carried out before the collaboration or partnership begins.
With our Due Diligence we can perform extensive data gathering, which allows us to look at red flags and risk perimeters, all with the purpose of avoiding unpleasant surprises. Due Diligence also includes services such as KYC (Know Your Clients).

Read More About Due Diligence Here.


Companies that do not comply with regulations, and that fail to respect applied work ethics, create unethical competition. This is usually something that benefits an individual company or employee, where they might for example get access to assignments first.

Unethical competition could also be about a company that does not pay its staff properly, or that the company employs people (foreigners) that do not have a work permit.

Unethical competition affects you and your business negatively, but we can help you keep track of competitors that do not comply with rules and regulations. We can also check whether competitors run their business in a legal manner and that the company in question does not cheat on their taxes.


In order to run a successful business, it is important to understand what competing businesses do, how they do it, what works and what you can do better in your own business. In other words, this is a service you can use to improve your business.

Here we take a look at other companies and the overall competitive market you are up against. This means that we thoroughly investigate how much competing businesses spend on their marketing, how marketing is handled, what competitors do when recruiting new clients and what results they are getting. We also revise what plans and goals they have set up for the future, and we study and analyze their clients and customers.

We put together an extensive investigation where we analyze all data, which allows you to see how a rivaling business affects you and your company. The purpose is to show you what can be improved to achieve better results in your business. Our analysis of rivaling businesses is always tailored to your needs and what your business requires in order to grow.


We work with companies to make sure that the staff performs in a satisfying manner, and that they do the work they are hired to do We also check that employees have the experience and the skills they claim to have when they apply for a job, and that they have been truthful about their background.

The hiring process at a company can be both long and tiring, and it is often difficult to know if you are truly getting what you think you are getting, based only on someone’s curriculum. Other common conflicts are disputes between two or more employees, as well as between an employee and the company’s board of directors. Something we also, unfortunately, come into contact with relatively often is sexual harassment, as well as illegal threats in the workplace.

We are experts in our field, and we have knowledgeable employees who – among other things – help with the following:

  • Thorough investigations.
  • Employee background checks.
  • Interviews for investigative purposes, with those involved in an incident.
  • IT forensic investigations of mobiles, computers and other electronic devices, as well as checking browser history. This is especially useful in the case of sexual harassment, suspected espionage and/or threats.

We can do background checks on your staff, both for preventive purposes before employment, and for when the individuals in question are already working for you. These background checks can entail a criminal history check, but also any history of alcohol or drug abuse. Background checks can also be carried out in order to verify that a person has been truthful on their curriculum.


The recruitment process comes with a significant cost for companies worldwide, as it can cost a company both money, time and its reputation when things go wrong. This could have been avoided by turning to a professionally conducted background checks.

Hiring new staff is often a difficult task. Our background checks are in-depth and focus lies on evaluating the character and reliability of a potential employee. The background check is aimed at verifying the applicant’s identity, curriculum, educational background, employment history, criminal history and financial status. Furthermore, unlike many others background checks, we dig a little deeper to retrieve information from a number of sources that are harder to access. These sources of information can be located all over the world.

With a background check, the client (you) gains knowledge of who they are dealing with, as well as what can be expected of this person if hired. Risks are minimized when hiring someone new, while it also improves the company’s insight, the hiring process, the money invested in the process, general teamwork and other types of work relationships.

More About Background Checks Here.


Having full protection against espionage is important if you run a business or sit on a board. It can have devastating consequences for the organization or the company if classified information should be filtered and/or leaked. To protect your business from espionage, we can provide a service that verifies that rooms and open spaces are clear from microphones and secretly installed surveillance equipment, to reduce the risk of company secrets getting out. Our knowledgeable security staff will search the premises, bit by bit, using equipment that cannot be intercepted in any way.

Read more about this here.


If you suspect that there is a leak at your company, where critical- and potentially classified information is being shared with others, then we can help. We track, identify and obtain evidence for who is behind it, and we collect as much background information as possible by applying different types of surveillance methods, either with the purpose of identifying who is behind the leak, or – as in some cases – to confirm a suspicion when there is a suspect. The investigation can be done using both physical surveillance, and surveillance of a more technical nature, where we look for evidence and leads on digital devices.

We also look at the possibility that the leak could have been caused by espionage, and that the information ended up in the wrong hands without any employee having betrayed the company. It is becoming more and more common for rivaling companies to use unethical methods to obtain information, and it is often a lack of precaution, and sometimes a lack of knowledge, that leads to these unfortunate situations.

In order to avoid leaks, it is important that staff members receive good and accurate information when joining the company, and that they are offered training on issues related to security, loyalty and IT. Of course, these are all things we can help you with.


Market insight gives a clear understanding of what a specific market looks like, and how you can find financial benefits in this market. This is a market that is constantly changing, making timing incredibly important, and this applies no matter what market you operate in. The market insights we provide will give you the opportunity to make the right decisions for your company, based on knowledge rather than luck.

By using Big Data processing and analysis techniques, we look at the existing market trends, and we customize the flow of data to fit your specific industry or business. The Big Data solution analyzes specific patterns and recurring events on the market, and we then convert this data into concrete information that can be used as a foundation for important business decisions, for example decisions related to investments and risk taking.

Big Data can of course also be adapted using something known as “customized input,” where we use the data you have gathered yourself to process and create your reports.


Contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation, to analyze what solutions are available for you and your particular situation.


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Espionage Compromised Classified Information

An industrial company that made products for the oil industry contacted us for help. The management of the company had been informed that the blueprints for a specific product (still under development) had ended up in the hands of a competitor. They suspected that one of the engineers working on the project had sold the CAD blueprints to the rivaling company. The technical prototype was advanced and unique, which made it illogical that the other company would have somehow developed the exact same product in such a short time.

The company was not sure whether it was the engineer himself who had leaked the information, or if perhaps they had been the victims of sophisticated espionage with the purpose of obtaining valuable information. Once we were brought in, we used IT specialists, forensics, advanced investigative methods and extensive phone tapping to identify how the classified blueprints had gotten out. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal the details of how this played out due to confidentiality, but the source of the leak was identified, and we managed to secure important evidence, which were then used to file a police report and a lawsuit.

Managers Used Company Funds for Leisure Traveling

We were called in to conduct an internal investigation for an organization, where the managers were suspected of having gone on family holidays paid for with company funds. We conducted extensive interviews with employees, we reviewed logs and saved information, forensic investigations were carried out and whatever else was needed to find evidence of this having occurred. We were able to prove that two of the managers had indeed used the company's money for trips and outings with their families. The evidence was handed over to the police for further investigation.

A New CEO Was to Be Appointed

A new CEO would soon be employed by a larger company, and the board needed to make sure that the candidate was really as suitable as he appeared in his curriculum. We did thorough background checks - very discreetly, so that the individual would not become aware that he was being scrutinized. What we found was that all the facts and details on his resume matched his actual work experience; we found nothing disturbing or troublesome in his background, which meant we could go ahead and give the company a green light to hire him.

Abuse of Sick Days at Work

A company contacted us with a problem, after multiple employees had been calling in sick frequently over a period of a few weeks. As a result, other employees had been forced to take on a heavier workload to keep up, and thus their own work tasks could not be performed properly within the preferred time frame. The company suspected that at least two of the employees were not being truthful with their medical inabilities to work. With physical surveillance, as well as digital surveillance of their social media accounts, we were able to find that three of the employees had repeatedly called in sick despite not being sick. This led to these individuals being let go, which we then followed up by helping the company create a new policy on sick leave.

Sexual harassment in the workplace

A company contacted us because one of their employees had been accused of sexual harassment. They wanted us to help investigate what had actually happened, by interviewing other employees about the incident. In this case, we started an investigation, which meant we interviewed other employees, along with two other people, who were directly involved in the situation. We also went through all the work computers, and we found that the person who had been accused of sexual harassment had made porn searches on his work computer. In addition, we discovered that the person had also sexually harassed other female employees. The individual was dismissed and a police report was filed.

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