Covert video and audio surveillance


Covert video and audio surveillance

Each company’s needs when it comes to surveillance is unique, and your company is no different. Each location offers a different set of opportunities and challenges when it comes to surveillance technology and inspires a need for unique solutions, especially if these installations have to be hidden from third party interests. offers custom made solutions involving advanced technology and unique installations, where each installation is tailored to the needs of the specific client. Unconventional installation such as these are difficult to predict, even for individuals with years of training and experience, and will offer you a significant advantage.

How it works
The qualified technicians at are able to install video and audio surveillance equipment in objects commonly found in the specific environment; such as microwave ovens, electrical outlets, or even in toys. These kinds of installations blend completely with the surrounding area and are very difficult to detect. We are also able to make the same kind of installations in vehicles.
What you need to know before contacting us
In depth knowledge of the location is extremely important for a successful implementation of advanced surveillance techniques. This means that we need detailed information about the environment in which we will install the technology. You are of course free to contact us, if you need assistance in documenting the conditions of the location.
Great results have implemented advanced installations of technology in various cases, such as surveillance, tracking, and in infidelity investigations, all with documented success.
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All employees at are bound by confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements.

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