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The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN)

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Loan takers who do not pay back their student loans will directly affect the nation’s ability to provide financial support for students. We track down individuals who fail to comply with the rules and responsibilities of their pending student loan payments, and we operate both within Sweden and on a global scale.


In Sweden, students have the opportunity to receive financial aid such as grants and loans, both while in High School and throughout the university. The idea is to open the doors for anyone who wants to study, to give everyone a fair chance at a quality education.

Unfortunately, the number of unpaid student loans has increased, and it is a growing concern for CSN (the Swedish Board of Student Finance) and for the nation. It also becomes a problem for those who want to apply for student loans, as it could potentially make the screening process stricter so that fewer will be able to take out student loans. We assist CSN by locating those who fail to pay off their loans, to find the reason for this and to work out a solution.


Through careful investigations, we can track down these individuals – both within Sweden and abroad, to get a location on them, and we can then initiate contact which can be followed up with possible legal action. Our network is large and widespread, which means we can track down people all around the world.

We can also help investigate the whole situation surrounding loan takers who fail to pay, to see the full scale of the issue, as well as to develop a sustainable plan to prevent it from continuing to happen. Being one step ahead of those who do not pay their debts, is the best way for an authority to ensure that loan payments work the way that they should.


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Unpaid Loans

After a loan taker completed her studies, she handled her payments for the first year, but then she started falling behind until she stopping paying altogether. The matter went to Kronofogden, the Swedish debt collection agency, and they needed to locate the woman, which proved difficult when she had moved without updating her contact address.

We were brought in to help with the investigations, and we used extensive digital investigation techniques, where we could see through her social media that she had moved abroad. We have a worldwide contact net, and we could easily continue the investigations in the country to which she had moved, and the woman was eventually located.

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