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We repair and restore faulty hard drives - both broken and crashed units, and we recover data that was either intentionally deleted or deleted by accident. We have access to powerful technology, knowledgeable staff, and a certified lab environment, which enables us to restore the majority of lost and/or deleted information. This service can be useful in any situation where the information on a hard drive has been compromised, damaged or deleted.


Data recovery is sometimes referred to as digital evidence collection or IT forensic investigation. The saved data on a hard drive may have been damaged in an unfortunate accident, accidentally erased or deliberately deleted – often with the purpose of concealing evidence and hindering a criminal investigation.

Information and data believed to be lost on digital storage media, such as a hard drive, can often be partially or completely restored.


Hard Drives that have been damaged by water or fire can also be saved. Sometimes we are only able to restore part of the lost data, and other times we manage to restore all information from your digital device. The circumstances will determine how much can be saved, and we perform a thorough analysis to get a clear picture of what can be done.


To begin the process of restoration, we need physical access to your hard drive. You can bring it to us personally, or send it by mail, and if the hard drive cannot be separated from your computer then you can submit the electronic device in its entirety.

The first thing we do is to revise your hard drive to see if there is external damage, or if the issue is internal. Damage caused by impact will usually have to be repaired first before we can move on to the next step of the process; we have access to the best resources available, and we use powerful and highly advanced forensic tools such as Celebrite and XRY, along with proprietary software used to recover lost and/or deleted data.

The process to restore information looks as follows:

  1. We make a digital clone – an identical copy – of the unit, and this is placed onto a chip. This allows us to work with the clone rather than with the original device.
  2. The chip is inserted into a machine that continues to process the information and to restore it. A hard drive is built up by ones and zeros, and these numbers are entered several thousands of times per minute into this machine, creating completely new patterns of ones and zeros. The new patterns can display information that has previously existed on the device, which is what enables us to save data that was otherwise assumed lost.
  3. The machine creates a digital forensic report and presents it as a PDF file or a web index.
  4. Some investigations are carried out manually by IT forensics, especially if the unit has water damage or if the specific case requires the use of manual techniques.
  5. How long the process takes depends, among other things, on whether it is an SSD drive or a regular hard drive, but in most cases – it takes about a week. If you have sent several units to us, we will try to work in parallel with all units, to get a final result for all devices as soon as possible.


What information can be recovered from a hard drive?
Virtually any type of data on the hard drive can be restored, for example:

  • Multimedia files (images, audio, and video)
  • PDFs, Word documents, Excel files, and other documents
  • E-mails
  • Web & Browser History
  • Saved passwords
  • Login information
  • Chat conversations and iMessages
  • WIFI network information


How far back can we go?
The information being recovered can be both new and old. However, if the disk has been formatted on one or more occasions, it becomes difficult to restore the data that was on the disk before it was formatted. That said, we are usually able to restore data from hard drives in 9 out of every 10 cases.


Data recovery is a service that can be used for many purposes; it can be used by private citizens, by companies and by other organizations. An individual may want to restore pictures or documents that were once on the hard drive, or perhaps evidence of cheating or stalking? For a company, authority or organization, it may be more about obtaining information or possibly evidence of wrongdoing.

The main reasons for which the service is used:

  • To restore information on defective hard drives and computers.
  • To recover data that has been intentional- or unintentionally deleted.
  • To perform evidence collection for companies and authorities.
  • To recover other deleted and/or corrupted files.


Contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation, to analyze what solutions are available for you and your particular situation.


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An individual is arrestedas the suspected perpetrator in a murder investigation, and the police need help. They need to figure out if the person in question is guilty, whether he acted alone, and if the crime was planned or if it was a spontaneous act. The police had confiscated the subject’s laptop with the intention of finding clues and evidence, but it turned out that this person had tried to eliminate all evidence by throwing the laptop out the 6th-floor window. The computer appears to be destroyed, but the good news is that there is still hope. We can access information stored on the hard drive, despite the device being beyond repair, and we can provide a thorough analysis of what data can be restored.

There has been a fire at a workplace, and many of the company’s work computers were destroyed - some by the fire itself and others during the process of putting the fire out. This has led to the loss of valuable material and completed work, but we can dismantle the units and analyze what could potentially be restored. In the majority of the cases we work on, we are able to restore most- or all of the data from the devices we are hired to try and save.

The hard drive has crashed on a private computer. The computer won’t start - possibly due to the crashed hard drive, and it provokes a sensation of panic when you think of all the important images and documents that were stored on the hard drive. Here you can turn to us for assistance to - hopefully - recover the lost data. The fact that the device can no longer be switched on or accessed does not mean that the data is necessarily lost, but specific knowledge and high-tech equipment is required in order to access it.


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