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Data recovery mobile – Recover deleted SMS, WhatsApp, call logs and much more

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We can recreate deleted SMS, WhatsApp messages, chats, mail and other documents. Our services work on Samsung, Android, iPhone (iOS) as well as other brands and platforms. Our lab only uses evaluated forensic systems.

This service we offer can be used in many different situations where the information in the device is damaged or deleted consciously or unconsciously.


In most cases, there is the chance to get help with saving deleted pictures, SMS and picture messages, information from apps and much more. In each case, we make an assessment and set up a plan for the data recovery measure.
We can help whether the device was damaged in an accident or if the information was erased due to carelessness or in other cases completely deliberate, perhaps to destroy information that would be used in an investigation of crime.
A regular customer for us tends to be a company that wants to use digital information as evidence. This can be an employee who has been engaged in competing activities for a long time or shared business-critical information from his workplace to outsiders. Recovered information can also be used as evidence in cases involving infidelity, stalking, sexual harassment or fraud against individuals.

Exempel på Data recovery rapport
The data recovery report looks something like this


Exactly what information can be recovered depends on the type of phone, what operating system it has (iOS, Android, etc.), how old the phone is, how much memory there is and what apps are installed on the device and which apps share resources together. As a rule, we usually have the opportunity to obtain the following erased or destroyed information on the investigated unit

  • Sent and received SMS / MMS including content.
  • Deleted Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, Messenger, and other chat applications.
  • Deleted documents such as PDF, Word, Excel, etc.
  • Deleted Web History – which pages the user has visited.
  • Deleted search history – what searches the user has done.
  • Deleted call lists – incoming and outgoing calls and also time and date for these, as well as how long the calls have been going on.
  • Saved passwords – some of the passwords used on the device and/or saved.
  • GPS Position – If GPS has been activated, we can see where the phone or tablet has been. We have the opportunity to see this even if we do not have access to the physical unit, via the service track and locate.
  • E-mails and electronic messages that have been opened, sent or received.
  • Pictures, videos, and other media that at some stage have been saved.
  • The screen code for the phone or tablet.


There are a variety of situations when data recovery can be used. When we are contacted, it is usually about securing evidence for various purposes, such as:

  • Cheating investigation – People who suspect cheating and want to investigate whether the partner has had or has an affair. Deleted information from WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, and other applications often reveals a lot.
  • Evidence – Natural or legal persons who wish to prove their case in front of a court, or in a dispute. “Evidence” can of course also be used for private purposes.
  • Accident – If your phone has been involved in an accident, e.g. fall from high altitude, or been hit, or become water damaged.
  • Public Authority – We assist authorities, such as, they want to get past protection or crack the password of a phone to access important evidence that may be on the phone.


The work of restoring lost information in a mobile phone is more demanding compared to the same work on a hard disk, the reason is largely that the information in a mobile phone is encrypted to prevent illegal intrusion. Both special equipment and very specific skills are needed to be able to recreate information, such as an image, and also to avoid accidentally aggravate the problem.
Another problem is also to crack the screen code. We can do this with many mobile phone models (iOS versions). For other models, much more work is often required to get past the shell and into the phone. The phone must then be sent to our parent company in Israel, which is a costly measure, so we make a case-by-case assessment.


Even in tablets, the information is stored digitally. If the plate is damaged or information is erased, professional help is also needed here to restore it. The chances of success are good, often most or much of the information can be saved from the device that is sent to us.


There are a number of applications (apps) that claim to be able to recover deleted data. Some are a little bit better than others but keep in mind that they can nowhere near recover the information in the same efficient way that our machines can. In addition, the apps can often cause damage and make it difficult for our systems to read and interpret data properly. You can, therefore, sabotage an entire investigation by using an app to recover data. Sometimes the difference is as much as 90% when you compare what an application can do and what our machines with computing power can do. As a rule, apps can recreate the most up-to-date information in the form of e.g. text message or a single chat, but you also destroy the data structure and risk losing important data.


For the most part, it takes 1-2 business days to complete the entire process. If you need to hand in the phone and quickly want it back, there is an express method which means we need up to 4 hours to make a clone. The work can also be a lot faster than that.


You first submit your phone for analysis. The analysis costs 1500 SEK + VAT.
The analysis tells us how much-erased data is on the device and in which clusters. E.g. 334 SMS, 89 conversations, 708 chat conversations. This is a so-called “Preview”, where we see an approximate amount of data that has been erased on the phone. If you wish to continue the process and recover the deleted data, the total cost is SEK 8700 + VAT, the analysis fee is included.
The price assumes that you have the screen code for your phone (not a pin code, not a puck code), but the screen code itself, which usually consists of a pattern or a combination of 4 to 6 digits. If you do not have access to the screen code, ie if you do not get into the phone, we must take steps to get through the protection. The cost of such action varies as we first need to know which device you have and the iOS version. Getting past the shelter is quite possible but it is very expensive. It is much cheaper to get past the protection in an Android than on an iPhone.


We have created a collection of questions on various topics that you can have access to here. Here
you can see frequently asked questions and answers about recovering erased information from different devices.


Contact us if you want more information. We offer a free consultation to see what solutions are available for your particular situation.


Data recovery hard drive

Data recovery Storage media / USB / Memory card



Alleged infidelity

During an investigation of a suspected infidelity case, the accused man said that the allegations that the woman directed at him were largely unjustified and partly completely wrong. The man offered to send in his cellphone for examination. We reviewed the mobile content and also recreated deleted content from the phone. Our investigation showed that the man's version of the alleged infidelity case was closer to the truth than the woman's.

Mental abuse

One woman who contacted us accused her husband of mental abuse. The abuse was said to have been going on for a very long time. The woman had previously been in contact with the police without this leading anywhere. The woman had collected on her mobile a number of evidence in the form of pictures, videos and saved chat conversations with her husband. When the man learned about this he had thrown her cellphone into the wall of the apartment.

Cooperation with police

Of course, mobile phones and their content can constitute important evidence in criminal investigations. However, the police themselves do not have the technical possibilities to force a mobile screen code. In some investigations where the content was considered extra interesting, we have been able to help the police bypassing the screen code and opening up the content for further analysis and use in the current investigation.


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