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We restore deleted data from digital external storage media. We repair damaged USB flash drives, memory cards, and other portable storage media; some that may have been accidentally damaged, and others that were broken or smashed on purpose, with the intention to destroy evidence.


In most cases, we can restore data from the majority of digital storage media, but it is significantly more complicated when working with small portable devices like a memory stick. Whether we can help or not depends on a number of variables, such as if the data was accidentally deleted, or if someone deliberately set ut to erase data and destroy potential evidence. Our customers are often companies that hope to use recovered data as evidence against an employe, where the employee may be suspected of having been sharing sensitive information with a competing business, or other digital and unethical conduct. Restored data can also be used as evidence in situations involving private citizens, such as in the case of infidelity, stalking and sexual harassment.


Some common types of portable storage media we work with are USB flash drives and memory cards.
We start by performing an analysis of the device, both when data has been intentionally deleted, and when it was erased by accident, to see what can be done. We also work on devices that are broken or defective. The restoration itself is then performed using advanced technical solutions, depending on what the problem is and how and why the information was lost.

For those using small portable storage media, such as USB flash drives, SD cards and other types of memory cards, the bad news is that these devices are not a great option for storing important information. They are full of fragile electronic components and likely to break or malfunction at some point.
The cheaper a memory card or USB stick is, the bigger of a risk is there that the device will stop working properly. The most common problem is that the microprocessor in the device, which is what allows it to communicate with a computer, breaks down. We start by identifying the problem, and then we set up a strategy to retriWe can also retrieve information that has been intentionally or unintentionally deleted, or that has been erased in an attempt to destroy the device.eve as much data and information as possible. The good news is that it is usually possible to save lost files and to access what was stored on the device.

We can also retrieve information that has been intentionally or unintentionally deleted, or that has been erased in an attempt to destroy the device.

Our Data Recovery services for memory cards, USB sticks, and other storage media may suit someone who:

  • Has saved all holiday photos on an SD card, which has since then stopped working.
  • Works within law enforcement, where help is needed to obtain evidence.
  • Accidentally formatted a memory card, resulting in the loss of all content, or where a specific image or document has been accidentally deleted.
  • Suspects that a USB flash drive has been used to store and share sensitive workplace information.

Regardless of whether an electronic storage device has been wiped clean or destroyed intentionally, or if it happened unintentionally, there is hope. It is highly likely that we will be able to recover what was previously stored on the device, but it is crucial that you do not try to do this yourself, as this can lead to further (and possibly irreparable) damage.


Contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation, to analyze what solutions are available for you and your particular situation.


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The Police Found a Flash Drive

A USB flash drive has been found in connection with a crime, and the police suspect that it may have belonged to an offender, or that it might have been used in the planning the crime in question. When the police insert the USB flash drive into the computer, they quickly discover that it is completely empty with no stored data. Instead of giving up right away, the police turn to us for help, to see if there may have been something stored previously on the USB flash drive.

Defective USB Stick with Important Information

An employee at an office stored important work information on a USB stick. The USB stick stopped working, suddenly, causing problems, as the information stored, was important for the company. Every effort has been made to access the files on the external memory, but no computer seems to be able to read the device. This is a very common problem, as this type of storage media has sensitive technology with a short lifespan. We use sophisticated methods to repair the USB stick, or we may opt for transferring the data over to a new and working USB stick.

Wedding Photographer Loses Photos

A wedding photographer has spent the weekend photographing a few different weddings, but when she inserts the SD card into the computer on Sunday night - every single photo is suddenly gone! All folders are empty, and there are no traces of the long hours of work that she spent on capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments. She panics, for obvious reasons, and turns to us. The good news is that in most cases it is actually possible to retrieve deleted photos from an SD card, and we have the right equipment and knowledge to save the day when these unfortunate events occur.


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