Data recovery & IT forensics


Data recovery & IT forensics - Restore deleted data from Smartphones, Computers and other devices

Private information, company information, and important and valuable work is with increasing frequency stored on digital devices. This leads to the uncomfortable truth that both accidents and conscious sabotage can result in lost or hidden information, which in turn can cause huge loss on both personal and professional levels. Our professional IT forensic personnel are trained to examine various digital devices and secure evidence and information. They are the digital equivalent of criminal forensics experts. Their unique set of skills are used in cases such as infidelity investigations and many other instances, but also in the event of a pure accident.

Forensic examinations of computers and tablets
Our team of IT forensic experts have the qualifications and the equipment to examine computers, tablets, hard drives, SD memory cards, USB memory sticks, and similar devices. Please contact us for more information.
How can I get my device(s) to you?
You can send it to us using registered mail, if you yourself have the device in your possession. If you only have access to the device for a limited time – if it is your partners phone, for example – we can send an expert who will visit you at night and make a clone of the device without the device leaving the location.
Important information
When you send a device to us, please ensure the protection of the device. It needs to be padded against impact and protected from moisture. We do not take responsibility for any device that has been damaged during transit.
Data recovery with documented good results
Our IT forensic experts have produced documented very good results when it comes to recovering lost or hidden digital information.
What kind of information can I recover?
Our experts can locate and recover most types of erased or inaccessible files, be it images, video, audio files, text documents, text and call logs, or similar files that have been generated on the device by or during use.
Cell phone: 8700 SEK + VAT**
Tablet: 8700 SEK + VAT**
Computer or hard drive: 17900-22 900 SEK + VAT**

** If you do not have access to the password/pin code or if the device is encrypted, an additional fee is added. This additional fee is entirely dependent on what kind of device it is and what operative system/iOS/Android version it is running.

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