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DNA analysis & Investigation

IN Services uses discrete methods to collect DNA samples from persons of interest, and we compare DNA profiles to confirm whether there is a match. uses discrete methods to collect DNA samples from persons of interest, and we compare DNA profiles to confirm whether there is a match. We help with, for example, paternity investigations, as well as DNA testing for other purposes.


DNA tests can answer a variety of questions; they are used by the police in criminal investigations, as well as to establish genetic relationships and to create DNA profiles. With the DNA technology available today, forensic analysis has come to be very accurate, and thereby a reliable piece of evidence in for example a criminal investigation and/or a court case. Our investigations provide reliable answers with a 99.99% or higher accuracy rate.

Our collaborations with a Danish forensic lab allows us to collect objects that contain DNA from the person we are investigating, and then get that sample analyzed in the lab and find out if it matches another known DNA profile. A typical case may be, for example, a woman who wants the paternity of her baby established. The supposed father might be unwilling to submit to a DNA test, which leads the woman to suspect that the man does not want to acknowledge paternity, possibly due to inheritance and property issues. Through extensive research and investigation, we are able to collect items (coffee mugs, glasses, or anything he may have touched) containing the man’s DNA. The lab will then do an analysis to see if the man’s DNA is a match with the baby’s DNA. The woman is then allowed to choose how she wants to proceed, and what she wants to do with the confirmation we’ve provided her with.


For criminal investigations, you need very little skin tissue, fluids or other cells to successfully be able to conduct DNA analysis, and in many cases, it is sufficient with one strand of hair, a left-behind cigarette butt, saliva or a bedsheet with potential bodily fluids.

You can either send items to us for testing, preferably untouched by anyone other than the person of interest and inserted in an airtight plastic bag. Alternatively, you can contact us and have us come and collect DNA samples ourselves. This is carried out very discreetly. A DNA test can determine a person’s gender, but to establish a genetic relationship with another person, or to link a person to a crime scene, you need two different DNA samples – one from the individual you want to test, and one from the person or place you wish to compare the sample to. The same principle is used when establishing paternity and/or other genetic relationships, where a sample is required from the two individuals you are trying to genetically connect. A DNA sample can be requested directly from an individual, but we can also collect samples without a person’s knowledge and consent, depending on the situation.


  • Needs to prove a genetic relationship (such as paternity) between two people.
  • Is actively involved in a crime scene investigation, and where DNA samples need to be collected and/or tested, with the purpose of establishing whether a suspect is guilty.
  • Has other valid reasons for needing assistance with DNA collection and reliable DNA testing.


A DNA paternity test sample can be collected with- or without the consent (and knowledge) of an individual. The test results can be used in, for example, a custody hearing, in a divorce case or in a child support dispute. These techniques are used to compare a DNA sample from the alleged father with that of the child, to determine whether this individual is the child’s biological father.


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A Single Mother

A single mother wants the father of her child to take responsibility, and to start paying child support, but the man in question denies that the child is his. This is a situation where it could become relevant to perform a DNA test to establish whether the man is, or is not, the father of the child. The test results can then be used to take legal action. It is possible to collect DNA with- or without a person's knowledge and consent, depending on what the results are meant to be used for, considering the fact tat different rules and regulations may apply.

Material Has Been Disappearing from a Workplace

A company reports that material has been continuously disappearing from the workplace, and they decide to do an internal investigation before contacting the authorities. We have access to all the latest technology, and we can test any traces of DNA left at the scene of the crime, to determine whether the perpetrator is a man or a woman, which will significantly reduce the number of suspects before moving on to the next step in the investigation.

A Woman Has Been the Victim of Stalking

A woman has been the victim of a stalker for some time. This woman strongly suspects that the person stalking her is a former boyfriend, but does not know how to prove it. At one point, the stalker sends a letter to the woman, and the letter has a threatening tone to it. Finally, the woman has had enough and she sends in the letter to us, along with some other items that the boyfriend touched during the time they were living together. The DNA test results show that the DNA samples found on the envelope, and the samples lifted off the old boyfriend’s belongings, were a clear match.

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