Countermeasures against espionage


Protection against audio interception, espionage, and hacking

Keeping an eye on what your competition is doing is as natural part of any business model, but acquiring technology, information, company secrets, or anything else that can create an edge against competition through illegal means is becoming more common. Company espionage can take on many forms, such as more conventional data and audio interception, but it can also mean recruiting key employees to gather and hand over confidential information. We can help you assess how vulnerable your company is when it comes to espionage, and we can implement technological and interpersonal solutions to security issues and unwanted information interception.

Protect your residence against interception
Our highly qualified technicians are uniquely equipped, with both technology and training, to protect your company from various types of audio interception. We can install interception countermeasures in both your permanent offices and any temporary meeting situations, for example at hotels and conference facilities. We can also make sure that private residences are protected against interception.
Protect any vehicle against tracking or interception
Company espionage can also include listening in on any conversation held in a car, be it over the phone or between coworkers. Tracking of vehicles, for example to find where important deliveries or key personnel are heading, can also be part of information gathered through espionage. Our technicians can install tracking and interception countermeasure in your vehicles.
WiFi and data interception countermeasures
Today, even the most sensitive types of communication is carried out using computers and cell phones. This opens up for various types of information gathering and interception, for example hacking, that changes software in order to enable access to the information. Interception based on radio technology is another threat to wireless information communication. If you hire our technicians you can rest assured that your information reaches its intended target, and no one else.
Professional secrecy
All of our employees are bound by confidentiality and nondisclosure and you will be provided with the information about our professional secrecy policies when you hire us. Your information and that of your company will be held in the strictest confidence.

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