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General information

What makes different from other private detectives and other private detective agencies? has investigators with specialized expertise in many different areas, such as in IT, investigation, research and more. All of these skilled individuals work together as a team, which allows us to achieve quick and satisfying results. Most of our employees are trained in Israel, and many are also native Israelis. Another one of our greatest assets is our wide contact network, and the access we have to inofficial registers and databases. This means that we are one of the few, or possibly the only, companies that can offer you high-quality results, unique methods, and cost-effective investigations. On this page, you can read more about us and what we can do for you.

General information

Are you registered for F tax and VAT?

Yes, absolutely. We run a serious business, and we work with companies, individuals, authorities and law enforcement. Our domain -, is owned and operated by ISRA Intelligence Services. In Sweden, the company is run under the same name: ISRA Intelligence Services AB, org number: 556814-7283. The brand is also a registered trademark. And yes, the company is - of course - registered for F tax, VAT, and it holds all the required permits.

General information

I am interested in working with you. What do I need to do?

Information about vacancies can be found on our Jobs & Career page. Worth knowing is that you should have a documented background in military, police or advanced knowledge in IT, digital forensics, and/or research. Basically all of our employees are hand-picked according to demand, and each of our employees needs to meet our extremely high standards.

General information

Is this type of business legal?

Yes, we comply with rules, laws, and regulations, and our business is 100% legal.

General information

Who are your clients?

Here at, we work with a very interesting group of clients. We work with leading law firms, individuals, insurance companies, and government agencies, that all choose to turn to private detectives for answers, help to obtain evidence or for strictly informational purposes. We also work more and more with international clients, both in Sweden but also abroad.

General information

What does it cost to hire a private detective?

Hiring a professional private detective agency or a private detective costs about 1490-1890 SEK per hour if you contract a service that is paid hourly. For example, investigative methods such as surveillance are charged per hour, while other types of information gathering and intelligence have a fixed price per assignment.

When hiring private detectives, you should always ask what you are getting for the price you are being charged, and what additional costs may apply. This is important, as the price may seem high until you realize everything you get for what you are paying. You also tend to pay less with us, as we get results faster than many of our competitors. Also, we offer complete cost transparency, with no surprises, and no costs that are added in later. You will know exactly what you’ll be paying by the time you decide to hire us.

Calling us for a consultation is always free. Email us for a quite and for more information. You can also read more on this page about our standard pricing.

General information

Can the information obtained by your private investigators be used in court?

Yes, most of what we find and dig up can be used in court. Some of the information in its entity and other information can be used indirectly, as a foundation for taking further action. The information and evidence we provide through our research and surveillance, and through our other investigative methods, often end up playing a crucial part in the courtroom, and it is usually presented by a lawyer or legal representative.

General information

I need a private detective in Spain. Can you help me?

Absolutely. Our private detectives can assist you in Spain or in other geographical locations across the world. In this case here, we have a local ISRA office in Barcelona that can help you also at short notice, and you avoid costs such as flights and transportation. We can assist you with physical surveillance, technical surveillance or intelligence.

General information

I need a private detective in Umeå, but I see that you don’t have an office here. Can you still help me?

Here at, we work all over the country. Whether you need a private detective in Umeå, Helsingborg, in Stockholm or somewhere else - we can help you. Contact us for more information.

General information

Is it okay to just show up at your office?

Unfortunately, our office is not open for unscheduled visits. All personal meetings must be scheduled ahead of time with the investigator handling your case. Personal meetings cost 1490 SEK per hour. VAT is not included in this price. If, after a scheduled personal meeting, you decide to hire us - the meeting cost will be deducted from your total price. This is to make sure we focus all our energy on those who are in genuine need of help.

General information

So, can I just call you for my free consultation?

Yes, exactly. Call us at any time during office hours, and ask to speak to one of our investigators. A free consultation is usually about 20 minutes long. Try to keep it short, provide the most important details, and let us know what you need from us. This is your chance to explain any issues you are having, and for us to suggest an appropriate plan of action, as well as detailed information regarding costs and fees. See our contact details here.

General information

Why aren’t all your services listed on the website?

We have tried to provide as much detail as we can on the website. However, it is sometimes unwise to give out too much information regarding our methods, as we don’t want those being investigated to know how we operate.

General information

Can I be completely anonymous when I hire you?

Yes, you can be completely anonymous. However, you cannot be anonymous when it comes to custody investigations, as we will need to verify certain details.

General information

Do you offer payment plans or partial payments?

At the moment we are unable to offer payment plans, as our privacy policy prevents us from sharing information with third-party organizations, such as a credit institution. Talk to your bank if you need help financing the services you require, as - unfortunately - we cannot accept partial payments.

General information

How do you pay for an assignment?

All payments are done in advance. This is beneficial for you, too, as you will always know exactly how much a service will cost. A deposit might be required, but this will, in that case, be deducted from the full price later on. Payments are made to a Swedish Bankgiro, or by wire transfer.

General information

Can I apply for a job with your company?

We have created our own section on this website that answers all job-related questions, such as educational requirements and possible intern opportunities. Read more about it here.


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