Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the most commonly asked questions.

General Information

01. Is what you do legal?

Yes, of course. Everything we do is legal.

02. How long does an assignment take?

The amount of time an assignment takes depends entirely on the requirements of the assignment. The most common time frame is a week, but we are always open to discuss a reasonable time frame on a per-assignment basis.

03. How much do you charge?

The price depends on where in the world the assignment will take place, at what dates and what times, and how complicated the assignment will be. We will go over the requirements of each assignment and give you a quote. We apply a per-hour rate for short assignments and a fixed price for longer assignments.

04. What sets apart from other investigation firms? employ investigators with many years of experience and a wide net of connections, which makes us able to find the required information in a quick, easy, and reliable way. Our assignments are always carried out in teams, and our investigators never work alone. All our investigators are ISA certified and have the right education and training for the job. We use the same kind of equipment many intelligence services utilize, and our investigators have previous experience in areas such as journalism, the police force, military, intelligence, and the legal arena. We are available to our clients all hours of the day, and your first consultation is always free of charge.

05. Are you VAT and tax registered?

Yes, of course. All information is provided at the bottom of the page.

06. Can I apply for work at

Unfortunately, no. All of our employees are handpicked by us, and have to meet our high requirements and expectations.

07. Which are your business hours?

We are open all hours of the day, and can assist you with emergencies and other situations requiring immediate attention.

08. Am I allowed to install camera surveillance on my own to monitor an employee?

What you are allowed to do depends on the situation. Please contact Länsstyrelsen or similar offices for the proper information about this.

09. Do you really take on all kinds of assignments?

Not quite. We will not take on assignments where it is obvious that someone will be harmed, abused, or extorted. We will not take on assignments where the target has a protected identity, honor related cases etc. We also will not take on assignments in where the client is suffering from a mental disorder or the like.

10. Do you have contacts in other countries?

Yes. has a wide network of contacts internationally.

11. Who works for you?

For security reasons, we will not name our employees. Once we have accepted your request, you will be assigned a contact, whose name you will be provided.

12. Is the name exclusive to your company?

Yes. is a registered trademark and company name.

13. Is there really an education for investigators?

Yes, but do not think you can become a detective overnight. There are programs in Israel and the US among others. You should, however, have several year of experience in journalism, law, or military intelligence, depending on your field of interest, before starting down the path of becoming a private investigator.

14. What makes a good investigator?

Laser focus, intelligence, social competence. Creative ability (thinking “outside the box”), patience, and having access to a wide network of contacts and acquaintances.

15. What kind of equipment are you using?

We utilize sophisticated and advanced equipment - cameras, monitoring equipment, tracking devices, service vehicles, etc. For security reasons, we will never disclose what exact equipment we are using.

16. Would you be open for an interview?

Of course. Contact us with your questions and we will get back in touch after processing them.

Infidelity investigations

01. How long does an infidelity investigation usually take?

How long the investigation takes depends on how much is previously known. In some cases, we get a call from a client that already has tangible information, such as time and place for a meeting, and the client needs us to document the meeting. In other cases, there is nothing more to go on than a sinking feeling that something is wrong, in which cases we will have to use other methods to produce results. Some methods work very fast and other ways are more long term. An investigation into infidelity suspicions usually take about a week.

02. How common is infidelity?

Infidelity is unfortunately very common in modern society. It is more accepted and more prevalent than many people think. There even exist things like infidelity sites, where infidelity is encouraged. If you live in a good relationship and you don’t have that sinking feeling of something being wrong, your relationship is most likely good. But if you feel that something is wrong, you are most likely right, and being able to confirm or discard your suspicions can be a relief.

03. Is hiring a private investigator to look into suspected infidelity a common practice?

It is very common. More often than not, a client comes in with firm suspicions or a gut feeling that something is wrong. At that point, hiring an investigator to be able to confirm or discard suspicions can be a sound investment. was the first private investigation firm in Sweden to take on infidelity investigations as our prime area of expertise. We are still the most sought after firm when it comes to infidelity investigations.

04. How much do you charge for an investigation into suspected infidelity?

This is a difficult question to answer. An investigation is completely dependent on what methods are being used and where the investigation will take place. It is not uncommon to travel abroad or to different towns and cities for this kind of investigation. When you consult us, we start with what you already know, and what you have observed, and make a plan from there. We use fairly advanced methods that are completely unique to our firm. It is always wise to consult us before making plans.

05. Could you take over the case that was previously run by other investigator?

This is a scenario we are very familiar with. As a rule, we will not take on any assignment where the investigation have a risk of being sabotaged from the start, or if the target knows that they are being investigated. If you already hired another investigator for the same job, there is a very low likelihood that we will agree to take over the investigation.

06. Is hiring a private investigator for an infidelity case expensive?

The prices will differ from firm to firm. Some are more expensive, some are cheaper. The device that you get what you pay for holds true. Private investigators can be divided into two camps - amateurs, who generally will cost you more in the long run, and established professionals, with good reputation. In the past nine years, we have seen roughly twenty firms open and close, while we are still operating.

07. Is an investigator able to do other things than just surveillance?

It is a common misconception that private investigators just keep the target under surveillance. Surveillance is part of the investigation, but not always necessary. Surveillance can also be risky if it is carried out by inexperienced or unqualified investigators. We also offer other methods to gather information, for example phone analysis.

08. Isn’t it easier to just describe the investigation on your site?

No. We prefer to inform the client in person and work out a tailored solution on a case by case basis. We are also not comfortable disclosing the way we work, for obvious reasons.

Data recovery and IT forensics

01. Can anyone send in their unit for forensic analysis?

Yes, that is correct. Anyone can send in a phone for data recovery on that unit. The is no requirement that states that the unit needs to belong to the person sending it in.

02. What is an IT forensic investigation?

The purpose of an IT forensic investigation is to recover deleted information from a data unit in order to, for example, secure leads or gather evidence. With phones, that means recovering SMS, call logs, and chat logs from applications such as WhatsApp and Viber, among others. On a computer, the information that is recovered can include text documents, surf history, photos, and other activity. A forensic investigation can also be done on SD cards, USB memory sticks, hard drives, or other available digital units.

03. How much does a forensic analysis of a cell phone cost?

The standard fee for a forensic analysis of a cell phone is 8700 SEK + 25% VAT. In cases where the phone is password protected, we have to do additional work to unlock the phone. The unlocking of a password protected phone require additional work, which is carried out by our head company ISRA Intelligence Services. Our head company handles all complicated IT assignments. If you do not have the password for the phone, additional costs can come to be added for certain phone models, especially newer Iphone models.

04. I have an Iphone 6 I would like to unlock. Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible, but the phone will need to be sent to ISRA Intelligence Services’ head office in Israel, in order to get into the phone. With today’s technology, unlocking an Iphone 6 will cost you about 35 - 40 000 SEK + VAT. The forensic analysis is an additional 8700 SEK + VAT. The development of forensic equipment is moving fast and that changes the prices. Feel free to ask us before submitting a unit for analysis.

05. Is the information recreated on the unit, or how does it work?

No, what we recover is delivered in a so called forensic report. This is delivered in pdf form or other medium, depending on the amount of information that has been recovered. The forensic results can be used as evidence in court and is of the same kind we (our head company) submit to our clients in the police force, law enforcement, and branches of government, among others.

Confidentiality and non disclosure

01. Do you have confidentiality/non disclosure agreements?

Yes, all of our employees have signed confidentiality and non disclosure agreements. When you as a client hire us, you are provided with all the information and agreements pertaining to our professional secrecy policies.

02. What happens happens in instances of conflict of interests?

In the unlikely event that a conflict of interest should arise, we will evaluate the situation and might be forced to turn down an assignment. We are very clear about this, and the professional secrecy policies apply from the first moment of first contact, no matter if it is by phone, mail, or face to face. In order to ensure confidentiality, your first person of contact will be your point of contact in all dealings with our company.

03. Is it secure to send emails to you?

Yes. All of our systems are secure and encrypted. All email solutions, website code etc is our own and not controlled by a third party.

04. Will I be provided with a confidentiality agreement?

We guarantee professional secrecy, and most of our clients trust us and don’t want to add extra work, but we have confidentiality agreements available upon request.

Investigations for companies

01. Are you able to debt service someone?

Yes, we can locate a person for acknowledgment of service.

02. Can companies hire you?

Yes. We provide services for companies, for example law firms, insurance companies, institutions, and private companies.

03. Can I set up an appointment with you?

Yes, of course. Easiest way is to set one up through this website.

Private investigations

01. Can I set up an emergency assignment at night?

Yes, that is absolutely possible. Just keep in mind, that if takes on an emergency assignment during on call hours, you have to pay up front or by credit card online.

02. Are you able to acquire medical charts?

No. We do not provide that service.

03. How much advance notice do you need for an assignment?

It depends on the case and what resources we have available at the time. We always have on call personnel for emergencies, but some assignments need more planning and preparation to ensure a successful investigation.

04. Can I contact you at any time of the day?

Yes. For emergency assignments we have on call personnel at all hours of the day. You can contact us via e-mail, fax, or phone.

05. Can I be anonymous?

Yes. At you can be 100% anonymous. Call us for more information.

06. Can I set up an appointment with you?

Yes, of course. Easiest way is to set one up through this website.

07. Where can I find you?

In Sweden, we have offices in Malmö, Göteborg, and Stockholm. Our Swedish head offices are in Stockholm.