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Hidden Camera Surveillance

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Hidden camera surveillance can be used for gathering important evidence. We help you with installation and general setup, and we analyse all recorded material for you.

Companies will often use hidden camera surveillance to detect and document the existence of inconsistencies and foul play in the workplace, as it is one of the best ways to find sustainable and strong evidence.

HIDDEN CAMERA SURVEILLANCE offers the implementation of advanced safety technology, where each solution is tailored to your individual needs. We have knowledgeable technicians who install surveillance equipment apt for recording high-quality audio and video; camera surveillance can be discretely hidden inside electronic equipment, such as in a microwave, a speaker or an electrical outlet, but it can also be hidden in furniture and cars. When this is done by professionals and in a controlled environment, the camera becomes very difficult to detect and close to invisible.


Hidden camera surveillance is often used by companies to monitor possible irregularities. It requires a great deal of planning and preparation, and the setup needs to be adapted to every unique situation. For example, the camera resolution is highly relevant, and so is what the focus range is, what the lighting conditions are and how well the camera can withstand the elements (such as wind, cold and possibly rain, depending on placement). You should also decide whether the camera or cameras should be connected to a wireless network, and if so, what storage capacity you will be needing. There are almost 200 different modules that can be assembled in a variety of ways, to help create a customized solution for you.


It is surprisingly common for an employer to supervise employees with hidden camera surveillance, and it occurs both in Sweden and abroad. The reason may be that the employer suspects that the employees are not performing their work duties properly; it could also be that someone has been stealing, or that other illegal activities might be taking place. Hidden camera surveillance helps the employer take control over their staff, but it also makes the workplace a safer place to be for everyone. Camera surveillance can be used for an extended period of time, or for a limited time, to find the proof, evidence or answers sought. Surveillance can solve a serious issue and reestablish trust between employers and employees, which is important for a successful business.


In order for us to do our job, you should preferably have good knowledge of the environment (such as a room or a car) where you want us to place the camera surveillance equipment, as this makes it easier for us to set up a plan beforehand. If you are unfamiliar with the room or location, we will help you sort this out, and we will do a thorough and discreet investigation to find the ultimate place to install the camera.


Contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation to see what solutions are available for your particular situation.


Theft & Scams

Protection Against Espionage

Surveillance & Investigation


Suspected Welfare Fraud

An individual was receiving welfare checks due to being physically unable to work, and her insurance company suspected that she wasn’t being truthful about her disabilities. They had tried to investigate themselves, but the woman was smart avoided detection. We set up hidden cameras outside her parents’ home, where she would often visit, and thanks to the recorded material it was discovered that she would get out of her wheelchair and move freely once here. Her benefits and welfare checks were withdrawn.

Felt Like Someone was Following Her

A woman was feeling uneasy, almost as if she was being followed, and she felt like things in her apartment seemed to be moving and changing places. The police did not take her seriously as there was no direct evidence, so she turned to us for help. We installed cameras in every room of the apartment, and we found that a man entered the premises several times a week while the woman was away. The man turned out to be her former boyfriend, and legal action was taken where he was charged with - among other things - breaking and entering, and harassment.

Employees Stole Large Amounts of Money

A company contacted us because it had lost products and material to the value of over 300,000 SEK. They suspected that two of their employees were behind the thefts, but they had no evidence. We installed hidden cameras both in the department store and in the vehicles used by the employees, and we found that a total of five company employees were stealing. All five were fired and prosecuted.

Was Getting Away with Theft for Years

We worked with a recycling company that suspected that their employees were stealing copper and other items from the workplace. Through surveillance, GPS tracking and hidden cameras, we discovered that a total of 16 people were involved in stealing from their workplace. Twelve of these individuals were arrested and prosecuted. These thefts had been going on for many years, and it turned out that the total value of stolen goods was almost 6 million SEK. Our security team, together with the company board, introduced new security routines to eliminate the problem and prevent it from happening again.

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