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We investigate and secure evidence when it is suspected that someone is committing-, has committed- or is planning to commit insurance fraud. In most cases, we work directly with an insurance company, and we step in when additional evidence is needed to prove that someone is committing fraud.


In general, insurance claims are only investigated if there is a clear suspicion of foul play, such as if the insurance company has received a tip or discovered inconsistencies. It then becomes the insurance company investigators’ responsibility to follow up and investigate, and there isn’t always enough manpower available. That’s when we come in.

When we are called in, it is usually to assist the insurance company’s own investigators and to aid with the ongoing investigation. With methods such as physical surveillance or information gathering, we can see whether the individual’s behavior and circumstances are consistent with what he or she has reported to the insurance company.


Our investigators have great insight into these types of crimes; we know how to handle insurance fraud where the individual claims to be entitled to compensation due to physical or mental limitations, and also situations where someone has intentionally destroyed or concealed personal belongings in order to receive compensation for lost, stolen or wrecked property. Our experience has taught us how those committing frauds think, which puts us one step ahead, and we use advanced investigative methods to help insurance companies when their own resources are insufficient.

All investigations are conducted discreetly, and we provide a detailed report with our findings at the end of the investigation, which will often include photo and video evidence, depending on the case requirements. This can then be used as a reliable foundation for the insurance company’s internal investigation of suspected insurance fraud. We conduct investigations both in Sweden and abroad.


To achieve fast and reliable results, we use a variety of methods, including both on-site- and digital surveillance. Some of the methods we work with are:

  • Hidden camera surveillance
  • Monitoring internet activity
  • Call logs & Cell tower tracking
  • IT forensic investigations
  • Receipts and purchases


Welfare fraud is more common than what you might think, and we assist with cases where there is a suspicion of fraud, and where it is questionable whether an individual is truly entitled to the financial help they are receiving.

These investigations are executed through discreet surveillance, and we can (among other things) look at whether the individual is truly as physically challenged as they claim t be. We may, for example, discover that a suspect engages in physical activities and sport while traveling abroad, despite having told the insurance company that they can barely walk. All our findings are documented with photos and video recordings for evidence.


It is very easy, when you are injured, to exaggerate the injuries sustained or the pain experienced, with the aim of getting more money out of the insurance company. With our help, the insurance investigator can access more information, as we are able to conduct a deeper level investigation.


  • Road & Auto incidents (suspicious cases where vehicles were damaged)
  • Home & Travel related damage and/or injury
  • Company damage
  • Personal injury
  • Work-related accidents
  • Other injuries, incidents, and damage


Contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation, to analyze what solutions are available for you and your particular situation.


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The restaurant was Losing Money - Owner Burned it Down

A restaurant in the south of Sweden burned down one night, and the insurance company launched an investigation. It was discovered that some details in the owner’s story didn’t add up, and we were brought in to help with further investigations. When receipts and documents from the restaurant were revised, it turned out that the restaurant owner had tried to make it look as if the restaurant was making more money than it actually was, and this further intrigued both us and the insurance company, as something didn’t seem quite right.

With advanced data recovery, we could see that the restaurant owner had Googled how to burn down a building. When confronted with the evidence, he had no other choice but to confess. The consequences of the man’s illegal actions and his attempt at insurance fraud landed him with 2 years in prison for arson, and he was also banned from owning future businesses.

Reported Accidental Injury was Nose Job

We worked with an insurance company to investigate fraud. They suspected that a woman had been dishonest about how her injuries had occurred after she claimed to have tripped and injured herself. Her face was bruised and very swollen. We accessed her social media profiles, and figured out that she had spent time in Spain - at a beauty clinic! Through our parent company, ISRA, we were able to obtain information directly from Spain, and we conducted interviews with three employees at the clinic. This gave us access to the woman's medical records, and we could see that she had submitted herself to a cosmetic surgery procedure. We handed over the evidence to the insurance company, and the woman’s insurance claim was denied.

Gang Burned Cars for Compensation

An insurance company had the suspicion that a group of people was intentionally burning their own cars. They got suspicious after several similar cases were reported over a short period of time, especially considering the fact that all of them had happened in the same small town.

When we started working on the case, we could see that several of the accidents that had supposedly led to the cars catching fire had taken place along the same road and that many of the accident reports appeared to be written with the same handwriting. This indicated that they were all written by the same person, despite the car owners - supposedly - not knowing each other.

Through close collaborations with mechanics, we could also see that all cars had been in the need of extensive (and expensive) repairs, which we could quickly conclude was probably the motive behind the suspected crime. The investigation brought forward clear evidence, and it led to the arrest and conviction of six individuals for insurance fraud.

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