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As our world is becoming more globalized, it is only natural that our professional horizons are shifting to encompass the international arena. Investigations of potential fraud, tracking of goods and individual people, surveillance assignments, and even infidelity investigations are no longer limited to the borders of this country. However, the demand for qualifications, contacts, and access to information is high on investigators working in international environments. Its extensive network of international contacts sets apart from its domestic competitors when it comes to assignments abroad. We accept assignments both from private interests and professional clients.

What do I need to do to hire you?
The first step is to contact us for a free consultation, either through email, regular mail, or over the phone. Naturally, you can also visit us at one of our offices and book an appointment.
Examples of assignments you can hire us for
You can find a comprehensive list of assignments we can be hired for under Our Services on this homepage. Domestically, is the leading company when it comes to private investigations, both for private interests and professional clients. Areas where our assignments tend to take on an international aspect include tracking and location of goods and people, kidnapping or abduction cases, fraud investigations, and even infidelity investigations.
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We will offer you a quote after we have discussed your needs during our first free consultation session.
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You can put your faith in All of our employees work under the strictest confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements. When you, as a client, hire us, you will be provided with an agreement that outlines all the information about our professional secrecy policies.

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We offer free consultation over the phone or through email.
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