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Our private detectives help you with international missions. We carry out Physical Surveillance, mapping and intelligence gathering in the country and also abroad.

Many investigations depend entirely on the fact that Physical Surveillance and other investigative measures can be carried out in other countries. We have unique opportunities to work outside Sweden and in other regions thanks to our large international contact network.


One of the most obvious trends of our time is globalization. It can be the transportation of goods, money, refugee flows and the individual’s ability to move between different nations. All of these flows have been facilitated, for good and for bad. The development is very positive, but there are also problems with more open borders.
The above also applies to the crime and the investigative work required to solve a crime. More and more cooperation is needed across national borders, between police and other authorities in different countries.
The globalization of the world is also evident in many of the cases we investigate, a case may require investigation and other investigative work in a number of countries and regions.


Many of the issues we work with extending across national borders. These may include fraud investigations, tracking of goods and individuals, Unauthorized procedure with children, and many other types of investigative missions including cheating investigations. This requires both a solid knowledge of laws and regulations in the countries in question and, above all, an international network of contacts. is not only active in Sweden, but we also have the opportunity to undertake assignments in other countries in Europe and globally. We have a large global network of employees, which makes us uniquely qualified for international work and assignments where great demands are placed on skills, resources, and contacts.
We take on assignments both from individuals, companies, and authorities, and we adapt our methods based on the specific situation, as well as the client’s needs and wishes


Our global network means that we can work with cases almost anywhere in the world. Some exceptions are war-affected countries or areas where we believe that the security situation makes it impossible or dangerous for our agents to carry out their missions. These assessments are made continuously over time and adapted to the current situation in a specific country or a conflict zone.


In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, where business and others are managed internationally, it is given that we do offer services both in Sweden and abroad and that we have the opportunity to work across borders.

If you have a direct need for intelligence gathering abroad, can help you. Contact us to review your case and get a description of how we could act. Information gathering can include documents, call logs, visitor logs, flights & hotel bookings and much more.


Obviously, we can also conduct surveillance in other countries. Contact us to discuss this. Much of our international work is done together with our mother company ISRA. We have already carried out assignments in over 70 countries.
The combined competence that we, in collaboration with the parent company, can offer, provides a unique opportunity to resolve issues with branches in different countries and different cultures.


If you need urgent surveillance or other arrangements, we can launch an operation at very short notice, whether in Berlin, Paris, Marbella, or London. Most often we have the resources to be able to launch an operation within 30-60 minutes in most capitals.


As a rule, it does not have to. The places where our mother company has local offices already include accommodation. There is no need to incur extra costs, but you only pay for the hours we have agreed. Surveillance in London can, therefore, cost as much as if it had been performed in Stockholm.


Contact us  to get more information about how we can help you with your problem, we offer a free consultation where you can explain your problem to us


Scouting and mapping

Research and information

Due diligence

Investigations CSN

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Background checks


Was unfaithful on a trip

A client contacted us and told us that her husband was going to Amsterdam with his friends. She had been contacted anonymously by someone who stated that her husband was constantly unfaithful and that he and his friends would go down and go to brothels in Holland. Through further snooping, she also happened to hear a conversation between the man and one of his friends, after which it was quite clear what the purpose of the trip was. She contacted us and we started our search as soon as he arrived at Schiphol airport. Our investigative group documented the entire trip in 3 days and we were able to obtain evidence in the form of video and footage confirming the suspicion.

The accident was actually a beauty operation

A woman came home from her vacation trip to Turkey and claimed that she had been beaten so badly in an attack that she now demanded her insurance company for money due to the injury. The insurance company's investigators had suspicions when the woman's receipts, which she sent to the insurance company, were checked. Investigators then discovered that the "hospital" was only working with beauty operations. The insurance company's investigators contacted us to take a closer look at the case. Our own investigation found that the woman had planned plastic surgery at the Turkish clinic. The woman was indicted for insurance fraud through the intelligence gathering that was done in Turkey.

Revealing sensitive business secrets

The board of a successful company in the medicine industry contacted us when it was suspected that someone leaked sensitive information about ongoing research and research results. The company was under acquisition, and negotiations were underway. When the board had received tips on who the leak was, they now wanted us to step in and confirm their suspicion. They wanted to know more about the person's actions from different perspectives. One of these was to initiate a surveillance operation when the person visited a fair abroad.
Surveillance was started and a surveillance document was obtained confirming that the person met others whom he should not meet. Here we could also prove that sensitive documents were exchanged and various topics were discussed. Everything was documented with pictures and sound. Further investigation, including an IT forensic investigation conducted on the man's phone, could reveal that he was promised compensation and a new top job with a new company if he shared business-critical information. The new company wanted to pay as little as possible for the acquisition, and the sensitive information shared by the trusted board member was crucial to this.

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