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Our private investigators can help you as private individual or a corporate client with carious investigation types. We investigate everything from a cheating partner to if you are victim of a scammer.
We have collected all our investigation types here on this page so you can find suitable information about the specific service.

We are an investigative company that works with the preparation of facts and evidence through investigative measures, mapping, or pure intelligence gathering. We are your own security service that provides you with important and vital information when you need it most. All our investigation services are of course adapted to your goals and needs.


All of our investigators are hand-picked with extensive experience and knowledge. We work with different types of investigations to provide you with the facts you need – whether you need the material yourself or if you intend to use it in a court hearing. When we work with an investigation, we have a wide range of investigative measures available to achieve our goal quickly.
Of course, we also look at cost efficiency – sometimes a certain investigation method can be perceived as more costly, but at the same time, it must be taken into account that it also gives the fastest result, and therefore, in the end, a lower actual cost.


The working methods we use in our investigative work have been shaped by the competence within the company and shaped the many hundreds of investigations that have already been carried out. We carry out a continuous analysis and evaluation of completed investigations to constantly improve our efficiency for our investigations. Our availability of advanced technical equipment is also an important element for our investigative work.


You can feel safe throughout the whole investigation, from the very first contact with us until the completion of the investigation We have in all situations strict confidentiality, work discreetly and follow all laws and regulations.

CORPORATE INVESTIGATION conducts hundreds of company-related investigations each year, including surveillance, tracking, or information retrieval. Our company investigations are also tailored to specific industries.

Here are some examples of the investigations we conduct the business:


Our entire range of investigation services is, of course, also directed at private individuals. After the initial contact, we draw up a plan on how the investigation will be conducted and keep you informed of how the work is proceeding.


Suspicion of infidelity can quickly infect a relationship. It is often a good idea to hire a private detective early to confirm or dismiss the suspicions. The longer cheating goes on, the worse the consequences become.
A cheating investigation often involves surveillance and technical analysis of mobile phones and other IT equipment.
We help you to determine if your suspicions are well-founded or not. Our work is gathered in solid documentation that gives you a clear answer.
We have extensive experience in cheating investigations and have documented very good results.

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We help individuals and companies with surveillance and mapping. Surveillance is a tool in many different types of investigations, from cheating investigations to private individuals to business cases where we look for stealing or unethical staff. Surveillance can be open or hidden, physical or technical. A typical physical surveillance operation involves a team of professional and experienced private investigators following a person and documenting their actions with a picture and/or video recording to gather evidence in the case in question. All surveillance takes place under discretion and privacy.
An investigative investigation is often what is needed to be able to go from suspicion to evidence and to get an opportunity to act.

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We do surveillance, mapping, and intelligence gathering also abroad. This is very important to offer this for effective investigative work since many investigations are entirely dependent on the fact that investigations and other investigative measures can be carried out in other countries. We have a very large international contact network and extensive cooperation with actors in other countries to ensure a smooth and effective investigation when a case crosses one or more national borders.

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Our background checks dig much deeper than others who offer the service. We use both the usual public records where we look at legal and financial events, their family pictures and CV. We also use other sources with more difficult information, where we can investigate personal connections and evaluate various types of documents or evidence that can substantiate claims or straighten out question marks. around a person.
Background checks are useful for both businesses and individuals in all situations where someone is to be hired or recruited.
We also carry out specialized checks for different types of businesses, such as Due Diligence for companies.

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In a divorce where children are involved, it is obviously important that the parties make an effort to find a solution that will be good for the children and both parents. Sometimes this is not possible. You can then use a private detective in connection with a custody dispute or in a child-related proceeding, ie in situations where one of the parties takes the child to another place in Sweden or in some cases to another country. We help you directly or in collaboration with your lawyer.
Our work is to evaluate and produce documentation about your ex-partner’s suitability as custodian or to produce documentation that addresses allegations made against you as custodian.

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Stalking involves unlawful persecution, that someone exposes another person to systematic and recurring persecution and mapping. The stalking that is directed at you can be physical or involve unwanted contact attempts. The stalking is often systematic and recurring and creates a strong feeling of discomfort in the victim. The police’s ability to help is often limited, stalking is rarely a priority matter. We help you identify stalkers and gather evidence.

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A large part of our business is about research, review and the collection of information for individuals and companies. The investigative work can include things such as mapping which properties a natural or legal person owns, which persons are in an individual’s acquaintance or contact network, information about family conditions or information about travel patterns, bookings, and receipts.
Our extensive knowledge is linked to a conscious investment in competent and experienced employees, advanced technology and an ongoing effort to trim the methods used and our techniques.

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Disappearances can happen for many different reasons. People can stay away by themselves, but there can also be a crime behind the disappearance. We have a number of different techniques for locating a missing person. Our investigation covers everything from physical surveillance to forensic investigations.
In most cases of disappearance, the preparatory work is important, it is about understanding and mapping the disappeared to find possible searchable lookups and from there continue the work further.

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DNA analysis are important in many investigations. In all cases involving DNA analysis, we have a collaboration with NFC as well as a Danish forensic laboratory. Collection of DNA takes place, among other things. through surveillance. We can also compare DNA samples/DNA tests to confirm or reject the match against one or more persons.

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Fingerprints have a very strong evidentiary power. In all cases where fingerprints are part of the investigation, we cooperate with a forensic lab in Denmark. The collection of fingerprints is usually done through surveillance and is used in many types of investigations, either to bind or to free someone from suspicion.

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Contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation to see what solutions are available for your particular situation.



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