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Kronofogden – The Swedish Enforcement Authority

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We provide services related to tracking down, locating and documenting the whereabouts of individuals who have debt (unpaid loans) at Kronofogden - the Swedish Enforcement Authority, and we operate both within Sweden and abroad. The foreclosure is handled by Kronofogden, but we assist with all the preparations and the work required to locate individuals who are intentionally staying away to avoid having to pay off pending debts.


We assist Kronofogden in locating concealed property and/or property that the loan taker has strategically registered in someone else’s name – such as in the name of a family member, a friend or a partner, even though the loan taker him- or herself is who is actually the owner. This type of property may include vehicles, large amounts of cash, properties in Sweden and/or abroad, and jewelry.

Foreclosures are always handled by the Swedish Enforcement Authority, but we assist in the gathering of information, and we collect evidence related to these types of hidden assets, as these may be used to collect an unpaid debt.


An individual with unpaid loans may have moved abroad, and that makes it difficult for authorities and for the Swedish Enforcement Authority to locate these people. Such an issue inevitably leads to extra work for the employees, and debt often remains unpaid. We have a widespread global contact network that allows us to locate these individuals quickly so that debt can either be paid or so that the foreclosure of property can be issued.

Over 400,000 people now have a debt that has been passed on to Kronofogden, and although many do pay the debt before the payment deadline, there is also an alarming number of individuals who choose not to follow the rules and that will instead go off-grid. We can help track down these people, as well as map out where they are staying and how to get in touch with them in the future.


The services we offer can be useful for:

  • When you need to locate an individual with unpaid debts.
  • If a person has moved without making a legal change of address
  • When it is suspected that someone with a debt at Kronofogden is living abroad.

Unpaid debt costs Sweden millions of SEK every year, which does not benefit the individual loan takers, the country or the country welfare.


Contact us. for more information. We offer a free consultation, to analyze what solutions are available for you and your particular situation.

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