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We assist investigating journalists, production companies and other media outlets with data collection, surveillance, investigation and more. We also offer personal protection services for individuals working in high-risk environments or in conflict areas.


We work with freelance journalists, but also directly with production- and media companies, where we offer a variety of services. Our goal is to provide resources where needed, to enable the coverage of stories that might otherwise go uncovered. We can work on a project together with a journalist or company already from the start, or we can be brought in at a later stage to help complete a project.

Our Methods

We work using unique information retrieval- and surveillance methods, and we also offer personal protection for journalists who cover high-risk areas or work in conflict environments, such as warzones and unsafe crime-infested locations.

If the piece worked on requires the participation of one- or more individuals (such as witnesses), we can assist by locating these people to schedule an interview. For this, we use a variety of physical and digital surveillance methods, where we run background checks, track IP addresses and more. We can also help with several other services related to information gathering, personal protection, and surveillance.


For those of you who work in the field of reviewing and digging journalism, we can help you find the last piece of the puzzle and complete cases and investigations where you yourself are stuck. With a large global network, we have great opportunities to access information that would otherwise be very difficult to access.

We can also assist investigative journalists with specific intelligence gatherings, such as obtaining receipts, invoices, and emails, and we can conduct physical tracking, as well as tracking IP addresses and digital monitoring. We also carry out various forms of surveys where we examine, for example, call lists and travel patterns to get information about which individuals have been in contact with each other and if there are other important circumstances to highlight in this context.


We understand that, as a journalist, you will sometimes end up in the crossfire, and in unsafe situations. This is why we also offer personal protection for independent journalists. We work to protect your privacy, we assist with protection against any type of copyright infringement, and we investigate cases of stalking, threats and more. Contact us and let us know what you and your unique situation require, and we will present you with a solution.

It should never be considered normal or acceptable for a journalist to be threatened or intimidated, and this is why we work fast to identify the source of a received threat so that this can be handed over to the authorities for further investigation.

We can also help with safety measures for journalists that travel abroad, to countries or areas where their personal safety cannot be guaranteed. Our team of safety and security experts works alongside journalists to make their profession safer, and we have access to advanced tracking equipment so that someone will always know the exact position of the working journalist, and especially when traveling. This is also useful for the journalist’s equipment, as it can be easily tracked if lost or stolen. We also have software that can be installed in cell phones, to allow for incoming and outgoing calls to be monitored and listened to – all with the purpose of keeping the investigating journalist safe.


We work together with production companies to help them put together compelling documentaries and TV programs. Production companies reach out to us for help with things like information gathering, IP address searches, physical tracking, and surveillance, and this is often with the intention of using the material we find for planned production. We also help track down people, such as stalkers and other individuals of interest.


We collaborate with journalists, media companies and TV productions, where we carry out surveillance and documentation both in Sweden and abroad. This means that we can partner with an individual, a company or an organization, and take over responsibility for gathering information, which can then be used for a person’s work or in a media production.


It may be crucial to locate an individual for an interview when preparing a newspaper article or a documentary, and many journalists struggle with this. The lack of resources makes it hard to find someone who might not want to be found, and especially if this person has left the country and moved abroad. We are often contacted by journalists and media production outlets for help with locating missing persons, and our skilled staff then goes on to establish contact with the person in question, and they hand over all material and contact information to the journalists.


All our staff members and anyone who works with or for us is bound to a strict confidentiality agreement. We will provide you with detailed information regarding our confidentiality policies when a collaboration begins, but you can rest assured that we take confidentiality very seriously and that it will always be honored and respected no matter the situations that may arise as a result of our work. If the person we are asked to locate is wanted by the police – we do not reveal the individual’s whereabouts or position to anyone but the client (you). We are very discreet and professional in the way that we work.

Read more about confidentiality here.


Contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation, to analyze what solutions are available for you and your particular situation.


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Surveillance and Investigation

Hidden Camera Surveillance

Missing Persons


Politicians Showed Hateful Behavior Online

A production company contacted us because they needed help tracking down people who behaved badly online - internet trolls. The goal was to identify and locate individuals who threatened others online, and for them to confront them on TV. We traced the IP addresses used to locate the perpetrators, and we were quickly able to identify which internet provider these individuals were using. After that, we turned to this internet provider, who helped us identify the person behind the online threats. With our help, the TV program was able to identify and confront politicians, civilians, and even convicted criminals, who had all misbehaved and posted serious threats online. Our participation and investigation became crucial for the concept of the television show.

Extensive Preparation

We were contacted by a news team that was going to Afghanistan. They wanted our help to improve security surrounding their journalists, and they wanted to discuss other issues and concerns they had, in order to better prepare or any unexpected (and possibly unpleasant) situations that could be to occur. Our security team worked closely with these journalists to set up a safety protocol; a safety protocol which included - among other things - us tracking every individual journalist and his/her technical equipment. This was achieved by providing the journalists and their equipment with small hidden trackers. Furthermore, we set up their phones with features that allowed us to intercept their phone calls, with the purpose of locating them if needed, as well as to listen in on conversations. This information could become crucial in situations where a journalist is threatened, captured, kidnapped or in other ways held against their will.

We Located a Person Abroad

We were contacted by investigative journalists who wanted to find an individual. The person in question was wanted internationally and was considered to be one of the main suspects in a case. We discovered that the person was on the run and living abroad, but we were able to locate him through extensive research and investigation, and we eventually managed to make contact. We then arranged for the journalists to interview him. In cases like these, we always aim to respect any confidentiality agreement, and our loyalty lies 100% with the client (the journalist).

Journalists Needed Information

A team of dedicated journalists contacted us when they needed help with the story they were covering. They had already done half the work but needed additional information which they had been unable to find themselves. Some of what they needed was specific flight details and initiatives, they needed to read through a few emails sent to and from people of interest, they needed access to call logs and to know where certain individuals had been located on specific dates. We carried out forensic investigations and physical searches and surveillance, to get access to the information that journalists needed. We then handed over our report to the journalists, who were able to finish their work.

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