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Missing Person Investigation

IN Services helps you locate, map and track missing people. We work with investigations on kidnapping situations.

Track / find a missing person? Kidnapped person? helps you track and locate missing people through tracking and investigation. We map business patterns and contacts and work intensively with your case. We also deal with cases where people stay away consciously, or where mental illness lies behind the disappearance.


We work with very different types of investigations regarding missing people. The common denominator for almost all of these investigations is that the people who have disappeared of their own free will are shielding themselves from the outside world. There are many different reasons why a person chooses to disappear of their own free will:

  • Mental Illness – Mental illness can affect anyone and at any time, it can cause a person to make decisions that he otherwise would not have made when “they are sound at mind.” This means that the person acts irrationally and in such a way that it becomes almost impossible for relatives to understand their actions. Persecution mania or paranoia are a couple of examples of conditions that can cause a person to disappear – even from their own children and loved ones. This is by far the most common cause of the disappearance.
  • Conflict – Different types of conflicts or disputes can cause one to want to stay “hidden”. It is common for people to stay away because they do not want to be served or that they have large debts they want to stay away from.
  • Family-related – If you have problems at home or if you feel ill-treated or similar, you sometimes need to get away from, for example, your parents or other family members. A common “disappearance” is that young people do not come home in a few days, then the parents want us to help them find their child. It is not uncommon for minors to disappear from their homes because they may have met a guy/girl. Furthermore, it is not entirely certain always that the new relationship is suitable for the child.
  • Drug Abuse – Abuse can definitely lead to people keeping themselves “locked in from the outside world” and unreachable in an apartment (alone or with acquaintances) and then partying and using drugs. It is not entirely impossible that this can last for days. We have seen young people who have disappeared in this way, but also ordinary adults.
  • Constraint – There is today a pronounced culture in the criminal world where you have “subjects” who serve an entire organization or a single criminal individual. Generally, adolescents or minors may be attracted to selling or moving drugs, or eg. act driver. In many of these cases, vulnerable people do not use their regular telephone or contact their loved ones because the instructions are such. Young people may not dare to tell their loved ones what they are doing, or in what way they are exposed. Of course, there are also other forms of constraint.


If a person has disappeared due to suspected or confirmed kidnapping, the focus is shifted to quickly locate the victim. We also conduct technical investigations to track potential perpetrators. Here, our security department works with family and relatives to take appropriate action based on the current situation. We always act in agreement with the client and we can also help negotiate a positive solution. We can also assist you with any payment of the ransom and with the retrieval of the kidnapped person.


If your case is related to a foreign country, ie if you suspect that a person has disappeared abroad (where he or she may be living or perhaps studying) we also have the opportunity to help you.


If your case concerns unauthorized procedure with children we can help you track and locate your child.

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When it comes to disappearances and kidnapping cases, we work broadly with various investigative methods. The methods are adapted to the resulting situation and involve several different departments, all of which are specialized in their field. Here are some examples of methods we use:

  • Tracking – In situations involving a missing person or a suspected or confirmed kidnapping, we track the person’s most current digital footprint. It can be from where the person has shopped, booked a ticket, or in other ways they have made themselves seen.
  • We physically search for the person – When we have tracked an acceptable search radius, we can physically look for the missing person.
  • Mast Tracking – In the case of a missing person a search area of ​​about 400-500 meters can be dialed in from the mast currently used.
  • Mapping the missing person’s acquaintances – Sometimes people who disappear from free will and reside with friends or acquaintances. By difference methods, we can investigate whether the person in question is staying with one of these people. Sometimes clients also want to see if a person is at home, as they themselves are prevented from visiting the address, perhaps because they live in another place or in another country. We can help you investigate this as well.
  • Mapping the missing person – We map the person’s contact network, who contacted whom and how the person has been moving around. This is a service we are alone in being able to offer at this level.
  • IT Forensic Investigation – We have the opportunity to recreate deleted information from digital devices that a person has left behind, like mobile phones, computers, or USB/SD memory cards. By recreating this information, we can gain an insight into the person’s actions and what their plans are. We can find information in their google searches, communications and other important information with their whereabouts.
  • Other methods – We work with at least 20 more methods to find a missing person, but some of our investigative methods we want to keep for ourselves, as our investigative work can be damaged if we reveal everything we have to offer.


As a relative of a missing person, it is therefore important that you report the missing person as soon as possible. However, an investigation is rarely started immediately, so there are some things you can do yourself. Some examples you can do when applicable –

  • Call the missing person’s friends and other family members who may know something.
  • Consider if you could possibly have any idea where the person would be when he or she left home?
  • Do you know where the person was last seen?
  • Do you know where the person often spends their time?
  • Has the person mentioned any specific place lately?
  • Do you have access to the person’s telephone or internet bank? In this case, find out when the person last used their card.
  • Call around to hospitals in the area to check if the person is there. Also give a description of the person, as it will make it easier for the hospital.
  • Does the person have a smartphone? In many cases, these can be traced. For example, an updated iPhone can be tracked by ICloud.


There are usually things you can contribute to make the job easier for us. For obvious reasons, we do not want to state this here, but you will receive that information when you contact us and tell us about your case.



Contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation to see what solutions are available for your particular situation.


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Left his family and work for no reason

A woman contacted us and told us that her husband had left his family, job, and could not be contacted. The family had already been in contact with the police who got in touch with the man, but the man stated that he was in the city "on vacation" and that he wanted to be left alone. However, the policeman who had talked to him on the street discovered that the man had behaved strangely, smelled bad, and was missing shoes. As this was not a crime, the police could not take any action and dismissed the case. When the woman is informed of these circumstances, she understands absolutely nothing of his behavior. The man has a top job and has no conflicts in his life. There was no obvious reason for him not to go to work or come home. When we were contacted, we tracked the man and watched him at a distance to understand what is going on. It turned out very quickly that the man suffered from mental illness - he does not sleep at night, talking to himself constantly and the notes from him that we managed to pick up after him we find to be incoherent text that confirms our suspicions. His family asked us to take steps to get the man into care, but since there are extensive criteria for compulsory care, we needed to gather a lot of information and evidence that the man poses a danger to himself or others. Extensive attempts were made to get the man to go to the hospital on his own free will, but the man refused. In conjunction with our documentation, an assessment is later made by doctors who picked them man up for compulsory care.

The man stayed away from service attempts

In a dispute with a company, a man stayed away from various service companies for a whole year. One of the companies hired a law firm, which in turn hired us to track down the man and deliver him important documents in order for the process to continue.

The man was tracked within 12 hours to a city in Germany where he had a new job and where we could locate his apartment owned by his sister. The next day he can be served at his workplace without any problems.

A girl ran away from home

Parents of a 13-year-old girl from Stockholm contact us and told us that their daughter had run away from home. They have already contacted the police, but the parents felt that the contact with the police is bad and that no progress had been made. When we talked to the parents, they told us that they knew that the girl had met a boy, but they had never met him and they knew nothing about him. Through an IT forensic analysis of the girl's Ipad that she left at home, we were able to recreate deleted conversations and therefore we could access all information related to the case and identify this boy. It turns out that the boy was 18 years and lived in Malmö. Through further measures, we were able to locate the girl's position and her parents could go and get her without any problems.

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