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Municipality & Government Agencies

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We offer adapted services for municipalities, counties, and for the government. We can assist with control purchases, such as test purchases of alcohol & tobacco, and we also provide data collection and investigation- and surveillance services for the authorities.


Local governments and authorities tend to have large workloads, and they manage important financial decisions that will come to affect everyone living within their jurisdiction. This will often occupy all their manpower, and that’s where we come in – to help in the areas where we have experience, knowledge, and resources.

We offer a range of services that are beneficial for local authorities and governments, with simplified public procurements occasionally available. If the cost of the procurement is less than 586 907 SEK, local authorities can request a so-called direct procurement.

SUPERVISION OF ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO SALES assists municipalities with test purchases and other thorough and discreet investigative methods, as a way to check that stores and sales points are following the laws and regulations regarding alcohol and tobacco sales, and especially concerting proper I.D checks and controlled substance distribution to minors. We can also help with supervision and control of alcohol permits.

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CSN can assist with tracking down individuals with unpaid student loans, both in Sweden and abroad.

An increasing number of student loans remain partially or completely unpaid, and we assist CSN when trying to locate these people, to set up a plan for paying off the loans. We work both within Sweden and globally.

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FÖRSÄKRINGSKASSAN (SWEDISH SOCIAL INSURANCE AGENCY) assists the Swedish Social Insurance Agency when investigating abuse of the Swedish health care system, housing grants, and other grants and benefits. We investigate and document all forms of misuse and fraud, such as assistance fraud, benefit fraud, and other fraudulent activity. Through research, surveillance, and investigation, we achieve quick and reliable results.

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KRONOFOGDEMYNDIGHETEN (SWEDISH DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY) can help the Swedish Debt Collection Agency to locate and document individuals who are trying to escape their financial responsibilities. We help with case preparation and we stake out any unreported properties or valuable belongings the individual might own. Thanks to our international contact network, we can also work with cases where the person is located abroad.

Read more about our services for Kronofogdemyndigheten here.


Municipalities, governments, and authorities can, if needed, invite us to negotiate services. This means that we work together to establish an agreement that works for you and that will suit your unique needs. When you invite us to negotiate services, we can generally offer you a better price that is adjusted to your needs and requests.


If the value of a procurement exceeds a certain amount, the EU law on Procurement shall apply. If the value is less than this amount, the Swedish procurement rules (LOU and LUF) are instead applied.


Contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation, to analyze what solutions are available for you and your particular situation.

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