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Mystery Shopper & The Customer Experience

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By acting as Mystery Shoppers, we can help companies identify problems with how the business is run and what the customer relationship looks like. We use a variety of methods to get a complete picture of what can be improved within your business. We look at customer service, cash handling, how laws and agreements are complied with, the occurrence of wastage and much more. Everything results in proposals for changes that can improve the outlook and profitability of your company.


The best way for the companies management or store owner to gain knowledge about how customers are treated and what their experience looks like is to let us take on the role of the customer. By acting as customers, we can observe and document how the employees handle things as customer contact, cash handling, ID control, and other things. It is becoming more and more common for businesses to use professional Mystery Shoppers to see what can be improved – it can be anything from music choices in the store to how professionally the staff responds to their customers.


In addition to these services, we can also help your company with staff training and preparation. By compiling a customized manual, based on your business needs, we can produce materials that ensure that your employees are prepared to handle different situations in a professional manner and to use their time as efficiently as possible.

This type of action usually follows a study with Mystery Shoppers, where the business owner has been given a good chance to see what can be improved in the business.


The employer must be able to trust his staff, that they are at the workplace by arrangement and that they perform their duties correctly. We can monitor your employees with the help of physical surveillance as well as a documentation with pictures and videos to make sure that they perform their duties and obligations towards the employer.

The information is collected, analyzed and then presented in the form of a report that is submitted to the employer or to the manager within the company. This report can also be used as evidence if the information would lead to, for example, dismissal, trade union problems or legal action.

Our checks and our surveillance are always done in a discreet way, the employees will not notice that they are being reviewed.


We also carry out a quality survey within a company. Our goal is to find out what needs to be improved within your business so that you can then take the necessary measures yourself. We can assess whether a business needs music or not, if a store may be too dark for customers to see properly – all this is very important for the customer experience. We look at different parts and make an overall assessment.

We act as customers and check if the staff is sufficiently knowledgeable, how service-oriented the staff is and whether the company’s rules are properly followed. We make an assessment of how quickly the customer gets help, at a restaurant we can look at how quickly the bill arrives or how quickly the customer is noticed by the staff. We also look at the staff’s body language and eye contact – all important factors.

All collected material is compiled in a detailed report which can then be used to improve the work team. Good customer experience is vital for your business to survive as well as compete with other businesses.


We adapt our working method to the needs of your particular business. In some situations, we use the Mystery Shopper concept, where we send in our experienced civilian investigators, who then act as regular customers. This in order to gain an insight into the business and see how a real customer is treated by your staff.

When controlling alcohol and tobacco purchases, we can also take the help of minors or people with a young appearance, especially when there is a suspicion that a business sells age-restricted substances without checking ID documents.

Our checks are done either through our own investigators or with the help of external persons who act as customers.

Among other things, we document the following:

  • The staff’s attitude, general knowledge and ability to answer questions, and how the customer is treated.
  • Any staff who provide unlawful discounts and/or invite friends and family members to services without permission to do so.
  • Missing ID checks of people with a young appearance when buying, among other things, alcohol and tobacco products.


All of our services are performed in close collaboration with our clients and in a way that does not reveal to employees that they are under surveillance.


If new staff is continuously recruited into your business, then our control services are definitely valuable to your company, but control of the quality of customer management and the general response is obviously important for all serious businesses and companies. It provides valuable information in order to improve key areas such as customer experience and customer satisfaction, in the end, it provides increased profitability in the business.

The industries that often use control services are taxi companies, hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops, but we can also look at a school administration, preschool, traffic schools and others. The services we offer are also suitable for authorities and municipalities that handle tobacco and alcohol sales.



Contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation to see what solutions are available for your particular situation.


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Drivers cheated clients during travel to and from the airport

A taxi company suspected, in response to complaints, that their drivers possibly cheated tourists by charging too much for trips to the airport. We arranged several trips, with trips both to and from the airport, documented these and were able to establish that five of the company's employees paid too much. Our investigation led to the dishonest drivers being held accountable and dismissed from the taxi company.

A driver stole parcels from Postnord for several years

A company that delivered for Postnord suspected that one or more of their drivers stole parcels, as parcels seemed to disappear often during certain deliveries. In particular, there was one driver who was suspected, but there was no evidence. By placing a tracking chip on selected packages and a hidden surveillance camera in the delivery vehicle, we were able to determine that the man was very stealing packages, and thanks to the evidence, the case led to prosecution. The company has had no more problems with missing packages after that.

Test purchases around the country led to an improved business

We worked intensively with a larger retail chain, where the Board of Directors of the company wanted to maximize its operations by improving the customer experience. During the investigation, we visited 90 of the chain's stores, where we then made test purchases to see what flaws within the business that existed. Thanks to this, the store chain was then able to review our report and use the information to introduce new strategies, improve the staff training and eliminate behaviors and routines that badly affected the quality of the business.

Suspicions to their staff proved justified

We have over the years helped several companies to improve their operations, for example, we helped one store that suspected that their staff closed the store earlier than they should and that they were also unpleasant to the customers. We did a number of checks at different times and were able to prove that this was very true, which led to three employees losing their jobs. The company management then introduced additional training for its staff, and the store has had no problems since.

Improvement of the store led to better sales

We carried out mystery Shopping at a larger store that was aware that their business had problems, but not sure exactly what the problems were. We did an investigation and found that the staff did not have the right training to be able to take care of the customers correctly. The store completely lacked background music and was perceived as quiet in a negative aspect. That, in turn, created a no buying feeling and therefore customer service could not be developed in a natural way. We compiled a report and helped to train their staff in customer service. This, together with a renovation of the premises, led to better sales and higher income for the business.

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