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Research & Intelligence Gathering

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We are an investigative company that works with research, review, and collection of information for individuals and companies. Our extensive knowledge is linked to a conscious investment on competent and with experienced employees, advanced technology and continuous work on various matters where our knowledge is constantly trimmed.


One of our most used services is research & intelligence gathering. We have a dedicated group of researchers working with different tasks to assist other investigations involving many different elements, or to answer specific questions. The investigative work is very important and often absolutely crucial for a case to be resolved. Research can be about identifying which properties a physical or legal person owns, which persons are in an individual’s acquaintance or contact network, information about family conditions or information about travel patterns, bookings, receipts or in-depth background checks.

RESEARCH & INTELLIGENCE GATHERING ABROAD also conducts research and collects intelligence gathering from abroad where required in connection with an investigation. Our international contact network is large and in many situations is a decisive factor in being able to achieve success in many types of cases. We are an obvious partner for all international investigations.


Below are some examples of when the service may be useful:

  • Personal Connections – We investigate if there are personal connections, who they are and what they look like. We see if there may be dire situations, inappropriate contact with the media or competing companies or other possible “aides”. An investigation of personal connections helps you to understand with whom or which persons a certain individual cooperates in various respects.
  • Dissatisfaction – Here we investigate whether a person or persons in important decision-making positions can possibly be disputed.
  • Review of a police investigation – If you believe that a police investigation is inadequate or incorrect, you can ask us to re-investigate and take into account information and circumstances or other conclusions that the police investigation has missed. A typical such investigation is whether you or a relative was charged with a crime or if you are innocently convicted of a crime.
  • Examination – Here we help you with different types of examinations by individuals or companies. Examination is a type of digging journalism where we collect information and evidence. Here we have customized services for media and journalists.
  • Asset survey – Our investigators carry out a so-called asset survey to find out what assets a person has at their disposal. The asset survey also does include not public data and can be done in Sweden and abroad.
  • Background checks – Background checks of both legal and physical persons in Sweden or abroad.
  • Finding biological parents – Track and identify biological parents.
  • Due Diligence – We carry out a world-class Due Diligence where we customize the information collection to fit exactly what the customer wants.
  • Intelligence – Gathering information from our channels and extensive contact networks. Here we can obtain important or sensitive information, which is usually directly crucial for an investigation to be successful.
  • Big Data and other data processing – If you have raw data that needs to be analyzed and processed, you can get help from our team to obtain complete analyzes and custom parameters.
  • Find an address or phone number – If you are looking for one or more people, but cannot find the address and phone number yourself, we can help you with that.
  • Other investigations and investigations – Other investigations in research, investigation and intelligence gathering. All intelligence gathering or research is tailored to your specific needs. When we get more information about your case we can give you more customized suggestions.


You can always contact us for a free consultation where you will have the opportunity to describe your problem. Contact us and we’ll tell you more!


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Innocent convicted gets compensation from JK

A man contacts us after having served time in jail and he wanted to clean his name, as he told us he had been innocently convicted of the crime and that he had nothing to do with the crime altogether. After reviewing the police investigation, our investigators identify important factors that the police investigation had missed or even disregarded. These circumstances have been found to be so obvious that we asked the man to contact a criminal lawyer to request compensation from The Chancellor of Justice.

Collaboration with an international network of journalists

Over the years we have performed a lot of specific assignments for journalists and media companies. One type of assignment means is that journalists can contact us when they needed to find the last piece of the puzzle. It may be that you need to get hold of emails, get in contact with people involved in the investigation or some other form of digging journalism. So here we work together to pick up the last piece of the puzzle so that the journalist's mission can be completed.

Law firm needed to find a person's actual address

A law firm contacted us to identify a person's real address - i.e. where the person actually spent their time. The law firm had previously received indications that the individual could be located in one of two possible countries but did not know how to get hold of him as the person himself had not registered an address. We were given the assignment and were able to identify the person's correct address using the parameters and tracking methods we use. Already after 30 hours, the man in question could be notified at his home address.

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