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Research and investigation

Research and investigation is a service we offer to anyone who wants to dig deeper into a case, delve into investigative journalism, or procure public and non-public documents concerning a particular target. Our firm uses advanced information gathering to aid your case, and employs various methods and sources to find the most accurate information available. When was a particular ticket purchased? Who is in charge of this particular reservation? What name is listed on this hotel booking? Do you need to investigate how certain people are connected or if there is a conflict of interests? Our researchers are active in the field of investigative journalism and we have carried out a large number of assignments for reporters, media companies, and private clients from all over the world. Our large global network of contacts and informants in key positions offer us the ability to quickly procure reliable information.

I am looking for a childhood friend, but I do not have much information left. Can you still help me?
We can absolutely help you. Send us some information by email or call us on 08 – 20 27 00 and we will give you a quote.
How much do you charge for this service?
The fee depends entirely on what kind of information you wish to procure and what sources we have to use. The base cost for research and investigation is 1500 SEK per hour, and if we need to pay for information, that cost is added to the total. All prices are excluding VAT. Please, be advised that the minimum amount of time billed per investigation is always 5 hours.
How much time does an investigation take?
The time required can vary wildly from case to case. Some are very quick, with delivery on the same day, while some investigations can take weeks or even months. The time required all depends on the complexity of the case, how much information we have to read up on, and if we have to get into contact with an informant or Big Data analyzer. Many of our investigations have to be broken down into several smaller investigations.
Is this service restricted to public records?
No, absolutely not. Many of our assignments include procuring information that can be very hard to get, such as connections, documents, or ways to prove a statement, etc. Additionally, there are no limitations on which country this research can take place in. There is no problem carrying out an assignment with ties to another country.
Who generally uses this service?
Our private investigators normally work with lawyers, attorneys, or companies, but we also carry out assignments for private clients. Assignments include, but are not limited to, procuring documentation, running background checks (including abroad), or digging up other relevant information for whoever needs it.
Do you charge for reading up on a case?
If it as a simple case and it is not a complicated text, we do not charge for reading up on a case. If it is a large, complicated case and we need to read police reports and the likes, we will need to go over all the information involved. This is the kind of time we, unfortunately, have to bill for.

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