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Risk & Security Analysis

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Risk assessment and safety analysis assess the risks with a certain situation or within a business. Services are offered to individuals, municipalities, authorities, and schools.

The purpose of this evaluation and analysis is, of course, to identify the risks that may exist and, with this as a basis, we are able to build a security solution that creates greater security for you as a private person, for your family or for your company.

RISK & SAFETY ANALYSIS FOR INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY conducts extensive risk and safety analyses for private individuals regarding personal security. We identify things that may be risk factors for you or your family regarding extortion, kidnapping, threats or similar. Our unique risk and safety analysis further suggests measures to prevent or completely eliminate the risks.
We focus on your or your family’s existence in your home and other places where you visit regularly. This can include things like your employment, your travels, and activities outside the home, as well as how your personal information is being handled.

Specifically, we look at how you handle digital information. Today, it is very common for individuals to share information online, without further reflect on the risks of the information being misused. One example of this:
Holiday pictures that are posted online from the place where you are located are a direct invitation to burglars!
The goal of our risk assessment is to make your everyday life safer for both you and your family.


When conducting a risk analysis, we look at the whole picture, what kind of phone you have, which operator you use, what vehicles you own, where you park your vehicles, your everyday routines, and many other factors that may affect your or is a security situation. A risk analysis is a collective concept and every situation family or company is unique, therefore we do not use standardized templates for how analysis should go without specially tailoring the survey to your needs and desires. This is done based on our conversations with you and your family.

A risk analysis must be constantly updated and optimized – for example, when traveling abroad, other external changes that occur around you, your family and your company, for example when your children start a new school.


A risk assessment is a structured way of identifying and prioritizing the areas that are most exposed to the company’s operations. We have extensive experience in performing such work. We help you and your business protect assets and identify potential threats, security, and theft risks. We also work to protect valuable information from being disseminated to third parties, which could potentially cost your business a lot of money and resources.

Special events can be vulnerable and pose unique risks, especially if it is an event involving people or politicians with a high media profile. We do a professional analysis of the risks that exist and give advice on how these can be best managed and prevented.

Those who work within a company, mainly management, but also other employees also run the risk of being exposed to threats and blackmail.
Digital blackmail against companies has increased. The blackmailer, for example, can use blackmailing trojans that lock and encrypt the company’s files and require a ransom to unlock them.
We work actively to ensure the safety of business leaders and their families.

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More and more companies have important information stored on digital devices. It is important to keep these documents secure to prevent any infringement that will cost the company both money and resources. Our IT experts will security test your computer system to see how secure it is and where the deficiencies are. You will then be given advice on how to protect the company’s information and how to make it safe to send information to employees and other partners.

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We do customized risk and security analyzes for municipalities and authorities, where we help them analyze vulnerabilities both in physical workplaces but also digitally. Together with you, we draw up an action plan to minimize the risks and we offer assistance in implementing the action plan with the aim of increasing security.


We also offer risk and secuirty analysis for schools. Schools are not always a safe place for our children, many of the problems and conflicts that exist outside the school tend to move into the school environment. We do not yet see the American situation with frequent school shootings in Sweden, but it is still important to take the safety measures required seriously to keep student children and young people safe.

We have the experience required to be able to offer education and security measures for both pre-school operations, compulsory schools, upper secondary schools, and universities and we adapt our services to the needs discovered in an investigation.


Contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation to see what solutions are available for your particular situation.


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We are responsible for the security of many wealthy families

We work with many wealthy families in the country to manage the risks and the safety of the family when they are in Sweden, but also when they travel. We have, among other things, installed specially adapted alarms, assault alarms in houses and vehicles. In addition to this, we ensure that these family members are protected from threats and kidnapping, we also perform preventive security work. We also handle various types of background checks for staff who work directly with these families and develop planning and active safety work. Of course, we cannot tell in detail about each individual client, but the demand for this type of security and risk analysis has clearly increased in recent times.

Safety analysis for a company

We were contacted by a large recycling company that wanted to build a new recycling park. They wanted our advice on what to think about with regard to safety in order to minimize damage to the large plant and prevent theft of copper, among other things, which was handled in large volumes at the plant. Here we helped the company to place the parking for employees outside the business area itself, we introduced smart passage systems, installed smart vehicle scales for measuring the entry and export of materials and other security measures. Other security work also included the installation of special cameras.

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