Security assessment

Risk & Säkerhetsanalys

Assessment of risks and security, and security management

Are you aware of the potential threats your business faces on a daily basis, or at events hosted by your company? We can help you identify assets in need of increased protection due to their value, potential threats to your company, and which areas are in need of security management. You are most likely well prepared to handle obvious threats against your business – for example theft of company property – but have you ever analyzed potential information interception or loss, employees talking to third parties, or other breaches of security policy? If your company is hosting a special event, especially if a prominent figure from the media or someone who is of political importance, you will face security risks you might not have to manage normally. We can help you identify these risks and offer advice on how to manage potential threats. All of our services are available to private clients as well as businesses.

Risk & Security assessments for private individuals has a solid foundation built on experience when it comes to security assessments for private clients. We can help you with risk analysis when it comes to your relationships (for example in your occupation), how you handle information (how you manage information about yourself and others, and who you present it to), your home environment, and your habits while you are traveling.
Risk & Security assessments for businesses
We can help you with an analysis of what assets and vulnerabilities exist in the company or institution you represent. We offer professional support, both with designing a risk elimination management plan and how to implement it, regardless of if it is for daily routines or for a one time event. Failing security management can be extensive, and in worst case, can result in devastating losses. Setting your company up with professional security management can, on the other hand, result in several benefits when it comes to negotiating insurance policies.
We offer hacking countermeasures
The amount of company information that is stored on and shared through digital means is increasing, and it can be almost impossible to get an overview of the costs should this information become compromised or lost. This means that a company’s IT security management is just as important as more traditional areas of security. Our IT experts can analyze how vulnerable your system is against hacking attempts and other such information interception.
How much do you charge?
You can contact us to book a free consultation and assessment. Our fees depend entirely on what kinds of solutions we need to implement and the extent of your network.
Professional secrecy
All of our employees are bound by confidentiality and nondisclosure and you will be provided with the information about our professional secrecy policies when you hire us. Your information and that of your company will be held in the strictest confidence.

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