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It is becoming more and more common for Swedish lawyers to conduct their own witness investigations, to visit crime scenes, and to conduct other kinds of investigations. The limited resources of the police makes the risk that something important to the defense of a lawyer’s client is overlooked, or that a case is not investigated to the desired extent. However, to ensure a professionally conducted investigation, that contains all the relevant documentation and legal coverage, qualified investigators, with the relevant experience and correct technology, are required. Because we employ highly skilled investigators and dispose of advanced equipment, we are regularly hired by lawyers and legal attorneys for a wide variety of private investigations. The different assignments we have been hired for include, but are not limited to, tracking and location, surveillance, or similar demanding cases in relation to investigating an individual, suspected infidelity, or fraud investigations, finding someone for debt service, finding abducted people, and various kinds of international assignments. Once hired, we will focus all of our expertise on your case for as long as you and your client require our services.

What services do we offer?
Our wide range of services are at the disposal of the lawyers and attorneys who have the desire to hire a private investigator.
Why should you enlist
In order to conduct a successful investigation and gain all the relevant information, you need to meet certain expectations. We meet these expectations through unique qualifications, advanced technology, and staff resources, making us able to conduct discrete, efficient, and successful investigations. We are part of a wide spread global network of contacts, which makes us able to stay on your case, even if it branches out beyond the borders of this country. In contrast to investigation firms that lack our resources, our investigators always work in teams, which ensures documented reliable results.
Professional secrecy
All of our employees are bound by confidentiality and nondisclosure and you will be provided with the information about our professional secrecy policies when you hire us. Your information and that of your company will be held in the strictest confidence.

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