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Child Custody Investigation & Child Abduction

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You can hire a private detective in connection with a custody dispute or in a child-related procedure, for example in situations where one of the parties takes the child to another place in Sweden or in some cases to another country. We help you directly or in collaboration with your lawyer.


A custody dispute is a result of the spouses having a difficult time in conjunction with a separation is having a hard time discussion about what the custody of the joint children should look like after the separation. Our recommendation is, of course, first and foremost that the parties should always try to agree with each other as it is the optimal solution for the children and also less costly for the parents. But sometimes, both the relationship and the conversation are completely stuck, and then there is often no other way out than to seek help.

In a custody dispute, there are sometimes factors that make one of the spouses less suitable as a custodian. One parent may be unsuitable as a custodian because of their life situation, documented violent behavior, abuse, and other factors. In order to reach a decision that is best for the child in such situations, a custody dispute is initiated with the aim of making a legally binding decision on the child’s future.

When we work with custody disputes, the work is often done in close cooperation with the lawyers who handle your case. The lawyer builds up the case and we work together to gather evidence.

Of course, as a parent, you can also contact us before contacting a lawyer, however, it is important and necessary that the case get a legal hearing as soon as possible.


  • Choose the right lawyer – Hire a lawyer who is specialized in custody disputes and with good good references from previous cases. The last thing you want is to hire a lawyer who has actually never won a case.
  • Make sure your lawyer is not busy with too many cases at the same time.
  • Please note that we cannot or will not provide you with a lawyer’s suggestion due to a conflict of interest.
  • Documenting events – Documenting important events that may later have an impact on the custody dispute. Any stated threats, harassment, injury, or other behavior of your partner should be documented. Of course, in more serious cases, the behavior must be reported to the police. Here it is important to note that even if a police report does not lead to something right now it can still do so at a later stage.


In general in custody disputes production of evidence applies, i.e. anything that may be relevant to the case can be dealt with in court. In the first place, of course, the best interests of the child are taken into account and, of course, questions about the parents’ general conduct in the dispute, their mental health, alcohol abuse and treatment of the children are of paramount importance. Our solid experience of discreet surveillance and documentation of such conditions can be of great importance in your case.


Our private detectives primarily assist you in securing evidence or obtaining information that you may benefit from. Such information can be i.e. how your child behaves in the other parent’s life. Our work aims to show the facts that prevail in each unique situation. Therefore we cannot distort information or “frame” anyone. Here are some examples of when it is appropriate to contact a private detective for help with child custody disputes or child custody proceedings:

  • Abuse – You have a strong suspicion that your child is being hurt, for example, mental or physical abuse. The suspicions are based on what you have observed yourself (i.e. marks on the child’s body) or whether the child has told you about an incident.
  • Sexual exploitation – If you suspect your child is being sexually exploited.
  • Drug Abuse – If you suspect your counterpart is using drugs, distributing drugs or otherwise handling drugs in some way.
  • Alcohol Abuse – If you suspect alcohol abuse, such documentation/evidence can be obtained.
  • Mental Illness – If you suspect that your counterpart suffers from mental illness and may pose a danger to the child or themselves.
  • Disprove allegations/information – If your counterparty has submitted information to a court or social authorities that you know is incorrect or suspect is incorrect. It can, for example, be income information from abroad, the person’s actual physical address, or that the person has committed a crime in another country that may be relevant to the investigation/court decision.
  • Spending time with the child – How much time does the mother/father actually spend with the child? Is that time transferred to another person, like a nanny?
  • Unauthorized procedure with children – If your child/children has been taken away from you and is hidden by the other parent, we can help you locate the child/children.


Each individual case is dealt with individually and we adapt the investigation based on your specific request. In all cases, we will need a certificate of your status as custodian or paper from any legal representative. Contact us and we can inform you what applies in your specific case


Even after a legal decision has gained legal force, we can help you if situations arise when your counterparty does not comply with the decision or does not respect your right of visitation.


When you as a client contact us with a request concerning custody dispute or Unauthorized procedure with children, we make our own individual assessments based on the documentation contained in the case, but we also look at other parameters and make ethical assessments. We, therefore, reserve the right to refuse assignments where there are unclear points or if we suspect the following:

  • Abuse – That you yourself have used violence against your wife/partner/spouse or your children
  • Crime – If you are convicted of a serious crime (does not apply to eco-crime) or are a gang crime, then we can not help you in a custody dispute or in a child-related procedure.
  • Making threats to your partner – If you have made threats to your partner and/or your children and we have been aware of these, we will not be able to help you with your case. You do not need to be convicted of this, but it is enough that there is a recording where you make threats.
  • Extremism – If you support extremism or terrorism, we cannot help you with your case or investigation.
  • Sex Crimes – If you are convicted of sex crimes, we cannot help you with any investigation.
  • Compulsory Care – If you are in compulsory care or suffering from mental illness, unfortunately, we cannot help you with any investigation.


We use the following working methods when dealing with child custody disputes and unauthorized procedure with children:

  • Tracking – Useful in unauthorized procedure with children. Here we use a different type of tracking to identify the position of the suspect and therefore we can locate the children or the child.
  • Physical Surveillance – Can be used against one or more people to find out if they are handling the children/hiding the children or to find out if they have information about where the children are. Physical Surveillance can also take place against a parent who is violent, or who, for example, suspected of physically or mentally abusing the children.
  • Mast tracking – It is possible to identify the position, for example, the one parent via their SIM card number/IMEI/telephone number. Advanced technology is available for such tracking.
  • Research & Intelligence gathering – Is a method in which our researchers obtain information of various kinds such as airline tickets, hotel reservations or other time reservations. Here we also explore different forms of activities. The information collected is adapted individually for the case.
  • Hidden camera surveillance – We help you as a client to record a violation for example if you are beaten or ill-treated before a custody dispute. Such evidence can be crucial in showing the person’s true nature
  • Other methods – Our team works with many types of customized solutions. For example, it may be a tendency to resort to violence too easily.


In order to find an abducted child, it requires a very well done preliminary work with intelligence gathering and various types of mapping. We perform physical surveillance but also technical, where we have advanced tracking technology. We are in many respects alone in the Swedish market to use the very best and most effective information retrieval tools. We also have a large global network of employees, which makes uniquely qualified when it comes to tasks that cross national borders.

When we locate a child, in most cases we hand over our documentation to the police, who then make a decision about further action.


Investigations into custody disputes are very complex. It often takes a lot of time to plan and implement the measures required to achieve results. The cost of such an investigation, therefore, varies depending on the type of investigation method we need to use. You can expect a price from about SEK 25 000 for the “simpler” measures. The reference price per hour is SEK 1490 -1890 SEK. VAT is added.


When it comes to custody disputes, you should primarily contact us by phone and ask to speak with an investigator who works with custody disputes or Unauthorized procedure with children Here you can briefly describe your case and what you need help with. Your case should be specific – e.g. what you want to investigate and why. We work to achieve the objectives of an investigation and therefore we always recommend that you first hire a good lawyer to look at the legal aspects and possibilities of your particular case. At your first contact with us, we want to know very briefly what your case is about and what you want to achieve with your investigation. That someone is “crazy”, “unstable”, or generally “stupid” is not enough to start an investigation. Therefore, be factual and straightforward with us. Keep away information that is not relevant to the investigation and clarify to us exactly what your problem is in order to get the best help. We prefer that you as guardians call us directly or your legal representative.

Please note that we will only help you with the part of the case relating to intelligence gathering, tracking, and other measures. We provide no legal consultation, nor can we help you with issues related to laws and regulations.


You can always contact us for a free consultation where you will have the opportunity to describe your problem. Contact us and we’ll tell you more!


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Dad kept the kids hidden despite court decisions

A woman contacts us and stated that her ex-husband kept her children hidden and that she is not allowed to meet them, despite court decisions. The woman states that the man is violent and that he does not accept the court decision and completely refuses to cooperate with her. After careful control from our behalf of the case, we were able to offer our help in tracking down the man and thus finding the children. The police have already done a search for the children and the man was wanted for unanimous procedure with children, this is not so common that this happens. Through our tracking in combination with surveillance, we were able to quickly find the man's "hiding place" in a rented cabin. In agreement with the client, the police were notified who could go out to the site together with the social service who took care of the children. The man was arrested by the police.

Dad beat his son

A client contacts us with a suspicion that the father of her son was abusing him due to the marks she saw on her son's body when she had him at home. She also suspects that her father had started drinking large amounts of alcohol when he had him. With the help of physical surveillance and other methods, we were able to prove that the son is subjected to constant psychological abuse by the father when he is with him. It could not be ruled out that he also physically abused the son. The sound recordings and video recordings we had made were of such quality that the man became a police report and later also lost custody of the child.

Dad wanted to take his daughter to Turkey

A desperate mother called us to announces that her husband was planning to take his 15-year-old daughter to Turkey so that she would possibly get married off against her will. Our team initiated an effort to quickly track the father and stop him from leaving the country with the girl. The girl was taken care of by social authorities. Dad received no punishment.

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