Are you being stalked?


Stalking – Are you being stalked/shadowed/harassed?

Everyone who has ever been subjected to systematic shadowing – be it from someone they know or a complete stranger – can account for the discomfort of being under constant observation. Stalking does not have to be physical to cause severe stress and dread in the victim. Constant, unwanted text messages, emails, and phone calls can eventually make everyday life into a waking nightmare for the victim. While it is more common for women to be stalked by men, there are cases where the opposite is true. Many people agree that the current laws and regulations involving stalking are inefficient and that the police force lack the resources to handle stalking cases and help the women in need. has substantial experience when it comes to identifying and confronting stalkers. We know what it is like to be stalked and will always handle your case with the utmost sincerity.

What defines a stalker?
A stalker is a person who keeps their victim under constant observation, either through physically following them or through other means of communication. Sometimes, the stalker is a person with a driving need to shadow and observe their victim. In other cases, it is a former boyfriend or husband trying to renew contact, or just cause fear and stress. There are cases in which the person being stalked is a celebrity, but more often than not, the victim is a regular person, just like you and me.
How to identify and catch a stalker
Investigating a stalker is mainly about identifying the perpetrator (if they are unknown) and documenting any unwanted “courting” using video, photography, and other media. If the stalking includes physical shadowing, a need for surveillance and tracking might arise, but following digital trails, such as IP addresses used to contact the victim, can also be part of the investigation. The stalker will commonly stop following their victim once they are made aware that outsiders know what they are doing. In more emergent cases, the evidence that has been gathered can be used as a solid foundation for a police report.
Success stories
Our experiences with working to put a stop to stalking are well documented, and we take pride in being able to help men and women who have been subjected to this form of violation.
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