Surveillance Operations


Gathering evidence through surveillance, documentation, and reconnaissance

There is a world of difference between suspicion and proof, and sometimes you need the certainty of the latter in order to act. Both companies and private individuals can end up in a situation in which there is an overhanging sense of something being wrong, but there is nothing solid to point to. When it comes to serious situations, such as the fidelity of a life partner or the confidence in a key employee at a company, it might be worth it to invest in a professional investigation, in order to gather all the information necessary to make a decision. We have extensive experience in discreet and thorough information gathering. We also have the technical equipment and know-how to produce the documentation that separates guess-work from evidence. For private clients, it is often about confirming already existing suspicions when it comes to a relationship with a life partner. For companies, it can be suspicions of fraud or other cases of serious irregularities and violations among employees. In both cases, there is a need for professional documentation and tracking of the movement of suspects, using for example video and audio surveillance, photography, or audio interception.

Professional & Discrete Surveillance
Surveillance carried out in a professional and discrete way requires many years of experience in addition to the technological equipment needed and knowledgeable personnel. Surveillance done wrong, with for example inexperienced investigators or surveillance done solo are rarely to any gain. In the worst case scenario, the target finds out that they are under surveillance and valuable information is lost, before the objective of the surveillance has been reached.
Examples of assignments
We carry out a number of assignments in which the purpose is to gather information or evidence. Our investigations are always carried out in teams and are well documented using technological equipment of the highest quality, all in order to meet our high standards of efficiency and results. Common surveillance assignments include:
- Suspected infidelity, including surveillance of a partner during business trips or when the client is not home for an extended period of time.
- Suspicion of fraud, requiring surveillance of a business or specific employees.
- Suspicion of theft or other irregular activity, requiring surveillance of an employee or contractor.
Other methods of surveillance
Surveillance is usually carried out in the field and in environments where the target is unsuspecting of the documentation of their actions. However, since we live in the digital era, a lot of important information is only available digitally, and this requires online surveillance. It can also mean that there is a need to recover erased data from devices such as computers and cell phones.
Assignments in Sweden
Our main office is in Stockholm, and we also have offices in Gothenburg and Malmö. Should an assignment so require, we will travel to other areas of Sweden.
International assignments
Some issues ignore our country’s borders and will move internationally. The large network of contacts that dispose of makes us uniquely qualified to handle assignments that even require surveillance abroad.

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