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We help private individuals and companies with surveillance and mapping. Our team of investigators collects evidence compiled in solid documentation. Our investigators have extensive experience of different types of investigative assignments, both within and outside the country. An investigation is often what is needed to be able to go from suspicion to evidence and to get the opportunity to act.

HIRE A PRIVATE DETECTIVES FOR SURVEILLANCE OPERATIONS helps you collect evidence with tracking, mapping, and final solid documentation. Whatever you are a company or a private person, we can help you with investigative operations both in Sweden and abroad. A surveillance operation involves a team of private investigators/investigators following a person and documenting their actions with a picture and/or video recording to gather evidence in the case. Physical Surveillance is a tool in many different types of investigations, from infidelity investigations to private individuals to business cases where we look for cheating at the workplace or unfair staff.

All physical surveillance takes place under discretion and privacy. The investigators have a professional education and access to all the resources required to monitor the object and obtain the requested information without risking detection. head office is in Stockholm, but operational offices are also located in Malmö and Gothenburg. When a physical surveillance mission requires it, we can of course also attend other locations in the country.


There is a difference between suspicion and evidence, often you have to be sure to be able to act. Both companies and private individuals can end up in situations where you feel that something just isn’t right but lack a clear picture of what is actually happening. Regarding the serious issues, such as the trust of a life partner or an employee in a key position, professional help may be needed to obtain the facts needed to bring the issue to clarity.

Physical Surveillance can aim to:

  • Find people and objects
  • Check someone’s credibility and verify information
  • Collect general intelligence information
  • Secure evidence of criminal suspicion or other irregularities
  • Gather preparatory information that may be needed later for a phone call or interview


Physical Surveillance can either be hidden or open. If the purpose is to collect information about one or more persons without their knowledge, the search is hidden. If the physical surveillance is visible, the purpose is the opposite, the person or persons should know that they are the subject of physical surveillance directed at them and perhaps also at a certain location. This type of physical surveillance is most often used to keep someone from committing a crime. In all situations, it is important that physical surveillance is carried out in a professional and discreet manner and uses sufficient technical and personal resources.

An erroneous investigation, where amateurs or sole investigators undertake assignments, can in the worst case lead to the object being warned, without the purpose of the investigation being achieved, thus the possibility of solving the case may have been completely lost. Physical surveillance requires a much greater amount of personnel and technical effort than one might imagine.


Physical surveillance means that it is natural clothed persons who follow one or more persons to map them and document their behavior, contact networks, and their actions. Documentation can be done with image, video or audio recording and the information collected is mainly used for evidence in various respects.

Physical surveillance performed correctly takes place exclusively with teams of three individuals to be able to rotate positions, cover movements and prepare for unforeseen events, such as a surveillance object being picked up by a taxi. When we work with physical surveillance we blend into the surroundings and do the work in such a way that neither the target we are surveillance nor the people in the area can discover that a surveillance operation is underway.


Technical surveillance means that we conduct surveillance using technical resources. This may include tracking of mobile phones, IT forensic analysis, GPS tracking of vehicles, analysis, and resolution of IP logs or others. We are also alone in the technical resources we use, which means we can achieve fast and cost-effective results. Technical surveillance in combination with information retrieval is a proven and effective method for achieving good results.

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Surveillance does not have to be limited to a particular country or region. We often work with international surveillance operations when surveillance is carried out abroad. This can involve many different types of cases – from suspected infidelity to investigating irregularities for companies and organizations and even authorities.’s parent company has offices and operational staff in most countries and cities, which means that surveillance abroad does not have to be more expensive than if it was carried out in Sweden. Thus, you will not be charged with hotel or flight costs in most places where we have a local office. Even if a local office is lacking at the current site, we send out a team from the nearest office, which means that the additional cost will be limited.

Note that:

  • A surveillance operation can be launched at short notice, usually within an hour.
  • A surveillance operation does not have to cost more for it to take place abroad.

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Do you want to map a person’s movement? Sometimes, there may be a need to map a person’s movement to find out, for example, more about the person’s involvement in a particular question or investigation. A survey is then done to study the person’s contact network, visited addresses, habits or eg. travel and travel history. A survey is usually limited to a selected period of time that may be in the past or in the current time. Mapping can be done partly through surveillance, technical resources and internet activity / social media. We use the methods we know work best – it is usually a combination of surveillance and mapping that gives the absolutely best results


Clients often contact us and ask how our surveillance can make a difference for them. Our working methods are unique, as we always carry out a careful preparation beforehand to gain control over all the factors that may influence the surveillance and the surveillance results. In 7 out of 10 cases it is planned surveillance we are talking about, it gives more time to plan and allocate the right resources for the assignment. The goal is to always know as much as possible about the person to whom the search is to be conducted, what we call the surveillance object or the target. We are interested in everything, whether the person is cycling, whether the person is going by public transfer, which passenger cars our target have access to and which addresses the target usually resides at. We also collect other necessary information such as photos, mobile numbers, operator and other important data.

When working with surveillance, we always work in a team of at least 3 people to make sure that the target we are tracking does not detect suspicious activity, see the same people in several places, or discover other things that jeopardize our mission. We also ensure that we are rotating around the target in a natural way and that we do not risk losing sight of the target during the surveillance.

  • A surveillance operation always takes the form of a team where they work together to make sure that the surveillance object does not apprehend suspicious activity or that the surveillance object is lost from sight.
  • An inadequate or improperly performed surveillance can be very expensive in the long run (both in terms of cost and results).

WHEN IS SURVEILLANCE SUITABLE? works with various types of investigations that require investigation and mapping of people. Typical investigations are cheating investigations where there is a suspicion that the partner is meeting someone else or has a “secret life”. Other investigations may have to do with the unanimous procedure with children. Sometimes the investigation can be done for a company that suspects unfair competition or other workplace irregularities. Surveillance can serve as a part of a larger investigation where a suspicion already exists, or as a complete investigation. When you contact us, our investigators will evaluate the situation and notify you of the measures recommended for your investigation.


It is perfectly legal to conduct surveillance against people to obtain information or evidence.


Each investigation is unique. Some cases require only a few hours of surveillance, for example, to prove that two people met, while other investigations require a greater search effort with days, weeks or months. undertakes no investigative assignment for less than 5 hours. In general, you should also know that surveillance means a lot of waiting time. Time, therefore, goes fast waiting for the crucial puzzle piece in the form of picture/video or sound. When you call us and present what you need help with, we will propose investigative measures and estimated time and cost. Sometimes surveillance is not the obvious method of investigation and there are more cost-effective investigations that also lead to faster results. Each case is assessed and evaluated individually.


The cost depends on resource availability, location and time. If we look for criminal or other sensitive targets, we can work as a team or sometimes two or even three teams. However, most cases we solve with one team. A team always works together and consists of 3 agents. The cost per person is from SEK 490 per hour (VAT is added). This price also includes costs such as fuel, 2 vehicles, congestion tax and parking fees. Please note that we always work in teams of 3 people. Missions performed by less than 3 agents are doomed to fail already in advance, it is a waste of time and money to conduct some sort of physical surveillance with less than 3 agents.


The ultimate goal of all investigations is to collect all the interesting information in the case and then present complete documentation that then can be handed over to the client. We have experience of discretion and extensive surveillance, as well as the technical resources required to create the documentation that gives you as a client the correct foundation you need to make a decision.

While we are working on a surveillance operation, we can update you on the status and also provide you with a picture or temporary video documentation so you always know what is happening with your case. When the surveillance is completed, we will compile a report that contains the entire mapping we have done of the suspect’s actions, with addresses and logs and other information. All media is collected, edited and delivered to you digitally. We will provide you with information how this happens when you order the service from us.

Of course, we also have good knowledge of all the legal aspects that need to be taken into account when conducting investigations and documenting.


Contact us for more information regarding your problem. We offer a free consultation where you can explain your problem for us and we can inform you how we best can help you.


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We carry out a variety of investigative assignments where the purpose is to gather information or evidence. In order to live up to our demands for efficiency and results, the investigation is usually carried out by a group of our investigators, and documented with various technical aids. Ordinary investigative assignments can apply to suspicion of cheating, where we investigate the suspected partner during a business trip or other long absences. Other common types of investigative operations can involve fraud suspicions, which motivate investigating on a person or business. Suspicion of wastage or other irregularities can lead to an investigation of the employee or the supplier.


One of our assignments was about a tenant-owner association at Östermalm in Stockholm where it was suspected that the tenant rented out his home to another person and that the tenant actually lived at a different address. According to the policy of the tenant-owner association, a second-hand rental must be approved by the association, and here there was no such permit. By physical surveillance and gathering information, we were able to gather the evidence needed to help the association.


A postal employee was suspected of stealing packages from his own courier car. After repeated reports from customers who did not receive their packages, Postnord began to investigate the driver's actions and contacted us for an investigation. Through physical surveillance and hidden camera surveillance, we were able to obtain sufficient evidence against the man and an aide to him as well.


A construction company in Stockholm suspected that one of their employees systematically called in sick from work in order to be able to work “for hand in cash” on another building in the meantime. The company had received tips that the man was seen on another building site during the time he should have been on sick leave. To take legal action against the man and notify him of his dismissal, the company needed evidence and contacted us to conduct physical and technical investigations against the man. The search quickly yielded results and already after 2 days, we had enough information and evidence to allow the company to proceed with the case.


A woman contacted us with a suspicion that everything was not right with her husband. She had also found a strange text on his phone in preparation for a business trip abroad. In combination with the man's other strange behaviors, the woman wanted to investigate more about the man's behavior and contacted us for investigation. When her husband was already on his business trip, a quick response was required and we forwarded the case to our office in Berlin which started physical surveillance. Already that night, photos and video footage could be obtained which proved that the man was in fact unfaithful. What was perhaps most shocking was that the woman was not a permanent partner, but a prostitute whom the man met at his hotel room.


Parents of a teenage boy contacted us because they suspected strange activity with their 16-year-old son. The son had started buying expensive clothes for "his own money" and suddenly seemed to have access to more money than he had before. The son began to avoid school and to hang out with a new group of people who he called friends. The parents had no prior knowledge of all these new "friends", they had no geographical connection to the area they lived in. The mother also told her that she had found several SIM cards in the boy's room when she was cleaning, which raised further suspicions that something was wrong. They contacted for advice and together we decided that this needed to be investigated as there were too many indications that something was wrong. Surveillance was initiated and we were able to follow the boy in the evenings and during the nights he was out with his "friends". It turned out that these were in fact 10 years older and used the boy as a drug courier for compensation. The parents' fears were true and they could address this with their son and start talking about the problem with evidence.

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