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Test Purchase of Alcohol & Tobacco

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We conduct thorough and discreet investigations of companies and stores to help prevent the sale of alcohol and tobacco to minors. We can also assist with supervision and control of serving permits and carry out surveys to analyze how different laws and regulations are complied within the county.


You, who work in the municipality sector can get help from us for assistance in checking compliance with various regulations in the area of ​​alcoholic beverages and tobacco. We can also help make it difficult to sell alcohol, snus and cigarettes to people under 18. This can be done via store checks and alcohol permit checks. We carry out sample purchases at Systembolaget, at smaller kiosks or in grocery stores, which the municipality is responsible for supervising.

When time and resources are not enough, you can turn to us for help with store checks of tobacco and alcohol. We work discreetly and efficiently and we document all sample purchases with image and video recording. As a rule, we use both hidden cameras and fully visible cameras, which are then used in a very discreet way.

Our services fit situations where:

  • A store has a reputation for selling tobacco and alcoholic beverages to minors and people without a ID.
  • A private person is suspected of purchasing alcohol and / or tobacco to persons under the age of 18.
  • Imported alcohol is sold within Sweden.
  • There is suspicion of tobacco or alcohol smuggling as well as sales.

How we go about finding those who do not comply with the law depends on the situation, the store in question (or the individual) and the needs and wishes of the responsible authority. We are flexible in our work in order to be able to see, in the best possible way, how a business is run and what works in terms of alcohol and tobacco.


We function as a supplement to the supervision of a company, a small store or an organization, and we assist the municipality with trial purchases and other supervision methods, through the group of young individuals (most between the ages of 16 and 18) who continuously collaborate with us. These individuals form part of the contact network and database we have created, in order to carry out control purchases that reflect the reality. When you want to do a test purchases within the municipality you can contact us, and we will establish contact with one or more suitable (minors or with young looks) individuals who can then make the test purchase for us.

Everything is monitored and documented by our trained staff, both for the safety of our young consultants but also for the assignment to be completed as professionally as possible.


All tobacco retail outlets – kiosks, supermarkets, grocery stores, gaming stores and other players – are required by law to hold a permit from the municipality. We assist all of Sweden’s municipalities in controlling and following up the supervision of these outlets.


We ensure, among other things, that bars and restaurants serving alcohol have a valid serving permit, and also verify that only persons with a serving permit serve alcoholic beverages in accordance with current regulations.


For municipalities and authorities, we carry out various types of studies as well as surveys where the purpose is to obtain concrete information regarding young people’s behaviors regarding alcohol and drugs. Our services are adapted to each municipality’s individual needs, we work with the collecting and compilation of relevant data.

We work directly with municipalities throughout the country to document and analyze specific phenomena. Here we design custom questionnaires and surveys, which are then combined with interviews. A summary is then made to process the information that has emerged from our research and important facts can be found. Another form of investigation may be that the municipality wants to investigate how easy or difficult it is to get into a pub/nightclub or restaurant, and to buy, for example, alcohol with false identification. Among other things, we look at the following:

  • HHow extensive is the specific problem?
  • What can be improved?

Regardless of the issues that exist, we can assist you with materials and observations to answer them. The results are compiled and presented to the municipality and can be used as a basis for future dialogue with the municipality’s residents and traders.


We use hidden cameras and Mystery Shoppers. In most cases, the control purchases take place for a limited period of time, to see if it is a systematic behavior or if it is a one-off event that the shop assistant failed to ask for ID.

It is also possible to get help from us to make sure that adults do not buy snus or cigarettes for young people. Control is often done with video surveillance or physical surveillance.


If you are a private person, you must first report this to the police on telephone 114 14, or alternatively make a report via the police website. It is possible for private individuals to hire us, but extensive supervisory checks take place only in collaboration with the municipality or with the local police.


If you need more information, please contact us. We offer a free consultation where you can discuss your problem with us.


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Control purchases on behalf of the municipality

The Social Committee in a municipality in south of Sweden made the decision to implement trial purchases and supervision at all stores that sold alcohol and tobacco. It was alarmingly easy for young people to get hold of these goods, often directly from the stores. The administration within the municipality that worked with this project only had a few and older employees. They then chose to contact us, since we have the opportunity to send in people who are between 16 and 18 years of age and can better test the businesses that sell age-restricted goods.

After several checks and analyzes, we were able to find that as many as 40% of the businesses we checked sold alcohol and tobacco to minors, without requesting identification.

Complaints from parents

Several parents of children at a school in northern Sweden had contacted the municipality and stated that a store that was located near the school sold cigarettes and snus to children and adolescents under 18 years. The parents contacted the municipality independently of each other and the municipality contacted us for help as their own investigation had not yielded any results.

We made several sample purchases over a week's time and always with different people, to see if tobacco sales were handled properly. That was not the case, we could conclude that identification was not checked. We also saw that some individuals in the staff seemed to be aware that the buyers were minors. The evidence could then be used for further action.

Adults bought beer for minors

Systembolaget in a small town had been investigated on suspicion of alcohol sales to young people. There was a teacher at a school who had reported that students at a school party drank beer from Systembolaget. We did several control purchases with the help of people who looked young. Everyone was asked to show identification, which indicated that the beer either did not come from there or that the young people did not buy it themselves.

We then changed strategy and started monitoring both inside the store and outside. We then discovered that two adults bought alcohol for young people for a small fee. These people could be arrested, as buying alcohol for minors is punishable in Sweden.

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