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Theft & Scam Investigation

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Theft and different types of scams present a serious problem for many businesses. We help you obtain evidence of both if needed, and we can assist with suggestions for how to both stop it from happening, and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

This service can be a lifesaver in a tricky situation, and we assist by gathering evidence for who is behind it, which in turn will be useful when trying to eliminate the occurrence of theft and dishonest behavior.


The existence of theft and scams is a major issue in a business environment, both in Sweden and abroad. Material and merchandise being stolen, as well as other types of unlawful behavior, is estimated to cost Swedish Companies somewhere around 8.1 billion SEK per year. Someone stealing is often enabled by the lack of control in the workplace, and by a company not having established functional safety procedures.


The most common form of theft is for goods and merchandise to disappear, and unfortunately, it often turns out to be an employee who is behind it. They may think each lifted item is so small that it will never be noticed, but it can mean tremendous losses for a company, and this is what we can help you put an end to.

Our methods are very discreet, as we realize what a sensitive situation this is, and especially if it would turn out to be a staff member. We use thorough investigative methods that won’t disturb the workplace, and everything is documented for evidence purposes, and to help you find the person responsible for your company’s financial losses.

We provide you with a clear view of what has happened, how it happened and what you can do to prevent it from happening again.


If the damage costs or the financial losses exceed 200,000 SEK, we recommend that you get in touch with us as soon as possible. It could be theft of funny business related to shipping, distribution or storage, and it is important to address the issue before it gets worse than what it already is.


Perhaps you are looking through the paperwork, and you realize that the numbers don’t add up. If you own a bar or a restaurant, for example, it might turn out that you’ve purchased a lot more beer than what is registered as sold, and yet all the beer is gone. The reason for this is usually theft.

Here are some examples of industries where this type of theft is frightfully common:

  • Bar & restaurant – Theft in the restaurant business is a known issue. It could be that bartenders give free drinks to their friends, or even that they let them eat for free.
  • Retail – Theft from shops and stores is often even harder to detect. It has gotten easier, thanks to modern digital implements and better inventory routines. However, workplace theft still occurs alarmingly often.
  • Industries – Thefts from, for example, recycle stations is very common, and copper and other valuable metals are stolen every year at a value of many millions of SEK.
  • Factory & Production – This is a very vulnerable industry, as large product volumes and high values ​​makes it an appealing work situation to steal from. We have come to investigate factory thefts where the stolen merchandise has been everything from expensive nuts to car tires and electronic components.


First, we will listen to your thoughts on the matter, as well as to your concerns, and then we put together a thorough analysis. This analysis serves as a base for a plan of action, where we develop a strategy for how to proceed. This may include mapping out who is in contact with who during (and off) work hours, and what individuals were present at a point of interest at a certain point in time, such as the workplace, a loading dock or a department store. Every situation has its own unique needs, and we adapt our methods to suit yours.

We use technical equipment to track the movements of a product load or of one specific product, and we can also use methods to identify those moving around in a certain area by tracking their cell phones, we can access call logs, set up hidden camera surveillance and more. also performs services such as control purchases, test purchases and customer experience tests.
Read more about our Control Purchases here.


We make suggestions for how you can improve your security checks and procedures, to lessen the risk of theft and unethical behavior. Depending on the size of your company and on what you sell, we put together a customized plan for better work transparency. This may include changes to how merchandise is unloaded or how controls should be handled, but it can also be to create access cards, and that way gets a better view of who has entered a certain area.

We also assist with employee background checks and ongoing vigilance, to prevent any future issues, and we can make preventive suggestions such as to move the staff parking lot outside the company gates, or for how to install a more controlled access system. There are many things you can do to prevent problems, and we give advice and tips for how you – as a business owner – can implement necessary changes.


  • Hidden camera surveillance – We install hidden camera surveillance inside warehouses, on loading docks and in other relevant places where you might want to document suspicious activity. Hidden camera surveillance is a common method of securing evidence that can then be used to take legal action.
  • Tracking of goods – We are able to install tracking devices in goods that we suspect will be of interest to a thief. This way, you will know exactly where your merchandise or goods is being transported to.
  • Provoking crime – Methods that involve trying to provoke someone to commit a crime is not legal for the police to use in Sweden, but we can use these methods, and we will. We will try to lure perpetrators into committing crime in an area we are supervising, or we might go in and try to get someone to sell us material without going through the company, and without the employer’s knowledge. We can act as potential buyers of material, and we then document the course of events with a hidden camera.
  • We also use other investigative methods, but we choose not to go into further detail in this text. When you contact us, the investigation will be adapted to your needs.


Contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation to see what solutions are available for your particular situation.


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Temporary Holiday Worker Stole 500,000 SEK

December is a month when many trading companies take in temporary holiday workers to fill in for the regular employees while they go on their holidays, or to simply help out with the increased workload that comes with the Christmas rush. A company contacted us when they suspected that someone was stealing goods from their department stores. We set up hidden camera surveillance in the department store and tracked all goods that left the warehouse.

We quickly realized that a number of employees were stealing, and that merchandise at a total value of 500,000 SEK had disappeared. Four-holiday workers were laid off and eventually prosecuted. We then helped the company introduce new routines for delivery control and inventory management. Since then, the company has had no further issues.

Stole Millions from Company - Went Undetected for Years

We worked with a recycling company that suspected that someone from their staff was stealing copper and other material from the workplace. We conducted thorough investigations, tracked shipments and packages and we used video surveillance, and what we found was that 16 people were involved in these thefts. The process eventually leads to 12 of these individuals being prosecuted.

It turned out that the stolen goods had a total value of 6 million SEK. To prevent this from happening again, our security team introduced new security routines together with the board to eliminate the problem.

Employe Stole Money from Ferry Company

We were contacted by a company that operates ferries that run between Sweden and Finland. They had major problems with the disappearance of money, and they also experienced that money from cash paying customers did not appear to be properly registered by some of the cashiers. By marking bills and installing hidden camera surveillance at checkout, we were able to prove that one employee in particular had been stealing, and as it turned out - this had been going on for a long time. The person was fired, and the case was taken to court.

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