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Threats & Blackmail

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If you are exposed to threats, harassment or blackmail, our private investigators or security consultants can help you with a solution.
We work together with employers to create a safe and secure work environment. A well-functioning workplace requires that work on threats and harassment be seen as important. It is about awareness of the problem area, the ability to solve the problems that emerge and to build an organization that makes it safe and easy to report to anyone who is exposed to some form of violation.
We also help individuals who are exposed to threats and harassment.


As an employer, it is important to be able to offer a safe working environment for the employees, which means that you as an employer must take threats and harassment at the workplace very seriously.

We help companies investigate threats and harassment in the workplace by producing evidence – we use information gathering, surveillance, and tracking, and also creating strategies to prevent problems and to improve the existing work environment.


MeToo focused on the widespread sexual harassment targeted at women, in the professional world, in the workplace, and in other contexts. Women shared their stories and negative experiences of sexual violence and sexual harassment and male power structures. In many ways, the Metoo movement made the outside world realize the extent of the problem, how common sexual harassment is, and how many women experienced some kind of unwanted sexual encounter and threat.

When harassment occurs in the workplace, it can be particularly difficult to know where to turn to for help.
Our goal is to counteract workplace insecurity through training for preventive purposes, but also to provide solutions to existing problems. If you, as an employee or company manager, need help with evidence gathering, we can assist in a discreet way, we can conduct an investigation which can then be used in, for example, dismissal or legal action.


Blackmailing against companies has become more common and more and more creative in the methods used. The blackmailer can sometimes be a single person who considers himself unfairly treated or in other cases a person who has access to sensitive information that the company can “buy back” for a sum of money.
In other documented cases, companies have received shipments with a white powder together with a request to pay a ransom to the blackmailer, unless the money is paid out, the company is threatened to have its business sabotaged.
In environments where gang crime occurs, it is also common for businessmen to be threatened and blackmailed, the criminal networks demand the entrepreneur for money and threaten that the business if the money is not paid, will be subject to damage.

Digital blackmail against companies has also increased. It may be that the blackmailer, via so-called blackmailing trojans, lock and encrypt the company’s files and require a ransom to unlock them.

BRÅ has clearly shown that threats and blackmail are most commonly found in industries that handle a lot of cash and where there is cash in hand work and where there are contacts against the criminal world. But virtually every company can be subject to threats and blackmail. The trend is that organized crime is increasingly using blackmail as a source of income.

We work actively to ensure the safety of business leaders and the safety of their families. We have the opportunity to assist with various types of investigative work (physical and technical investigation as well as IT forensic analyzes) to clarify who is behind a threat and how it should best be managed. To prevent threats and blackmail, we also perform risk analyses that evaluate the security risk that exists and then take the necessary measures, for example, to increase the security of the company’s IT solution. We can also work with a company to develop a safety plan for different people in the company and also their families.


In today’s digitalized society, threats and harassment are a major and growing problem. It has become easier to harass and misbehave without having to look the exposed person in the eyes, the anonymity behind the computer screen seems to help some to release behaviors that they in other contexts would instead have controlled and depressed.

The term “troll” is used worldwide for people who comment on social media solely for the purpose of creating brawls and spreading hatred. Although the people behind are in most cases, not a physical threat, they can do great mental damage and give rise to rumors which can then be difficult to stop. It is easy to threaten and write nasty things when you are sitting behind a computer screen, which rarely has consequences for the perpetrators.

However, it is not possible to be completely anonymous on the internet, as you basically always leave some kind of digital tracks behind. For individuals, it can be difficult to know how to identify and find people who are behind threats and harassment. We are experts in locating those who misbehave online, we can help you – both as a business and private person – if you have received serious threats or harassment through digital media. Our contacts and the technology we use make it possible for us to trace IP addresses and together with other information gathering and targeted scouting we can also trace the troll both in Sweden and abroad.

Tracking can be done through data traffic, mobile traffic (eg unregistered prepaid cards) and through other methods of investigation. By identifying the troll behind the various accounts they use, we ensure that harassment or threats are stopped.


Stalking means that one or more persons watch and follow an individual. Statistically, it is usually women who are exposed. But even men are affected, possibly to a greater extent than the statistics show, stalking can actually happen to anyone.
A stalker is not just someone who is physically following another person. A stalker can also use other forms of communication such as text messages, telephone calls, anonymous letters or various internet channels. Illegal persecution is a very unpleasant experience, but we can help you as we have many years of experience in identifying, locating and confronting stalkers, and in gathering sustainable evidence that can then be passed on to a police department or similar.

Unfortunately, there is not much the police can do to help those who have been exposed, there are no sufficiently clear laws regarding just stalking, the lack of resources of the police is also a reason that these cases are rarely prioritized.

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Contact us for more information. We offer a free consultation to see what solutions are available for your particular situation.


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An unsustainable work situation

A man contacted us after trying to have solved a tricky situation himself, where his female manager was often a little friendly and physical with him. It was partly about discreet touches, but also about sexually charged jokes and suggestions that made him feel uncomfortable, partly because he was married but also because the woman in question was his superior.

He had expressed on several occasions that he did not appreciate the behavior and also turned to colleagues and acquaintances for advice, but most joked about the problem and thought he would take these approaches as a compliment. When he was afraid of losing the job, he turned to us for help in obtaining video evidence, which he later submitted to the company's board of directors. The woman lost her job and the man was moved to another department because he no longer felt comfortable with the old one. We then worked with the Board to implement measures and to prevent further sexual harassment in the workplace.

Unpleasant calls and letters

A woman had received calls from an unknown number for several months, often during the night, but when she answered no one was there. When she began to receive postcards with threatening messages without a sender, she became worried, especially when she discovered that some had no postmark but seemed to have been stopped directly in her mailbox.

We helped her track the phone number, as well as video surveillance the staircase to her apartment, to see who had left the letters. It turned out to be the same person, a person who had previously threatened her. The evidence collected was sufficient to make a police report of illegal threats.

A woman was threatened online

We were contacted by a woman who for a long time had received threats sent to her via e-mail, SMS and also telephone calls. An unknown person threatened to publish nude pictures that he claimed to have of her. She contacted the police but received no help, as there were very little evidence and clues. She then went ahead and contacted us.

We did a search on the person's IP address, as well as on the number that had called her during the nights. In both cases, we managed to track down a man and found that he actually had pictures of her that he had gotten hold of when he repaired her computer. The man was an IT engineer and worked for a company that repaired broken computers. After gathering evidence, it was presented to his employer, which led to his dismissal. The case was also reported to the police.

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