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We can help you to track down and locate people, vehicles, or goods.

We live in a world of free movement, whether it is of people or information, nationally or internationally. Goods and vehicles can be moved from one place to another with relative ease, no matter if they are legally owned or ill-gotten. The positive side of this improved communication is that it is easier for professional investigators like to track both individuals and material things, such as vehicles and goods, and we have shown documented good results to clients from all areas, including law firms, public offices, and private individuals. The reasons to hire a private investigator to track someone down can vary greatly, from trying to reconnect with childhood friends to the concern for the safety of abducted children, or spouses who have vanished suddenly. The police resources for finding missing people are very limited, unless there is cause to suspect that a serious crime has been committed. At on the other hand, we are free to focus all our attention and expertise on your case, for as long as you need us.

Examples of assignments commits to tracking down people you, for various reasons, want to get into contact with. The reasons behind the need for tracking can be personal, but they can also be of legal importance, for example for debt service. We are also committed to finding stolen vehicles, and, if we have the warrant to do so, we can potentially return the stolen property to the rightful owner. We will never commit to finding someone who is living under protected identity or on a hidden address.
I would like to rent or buy a GPS tracking device
A tracking device can be attached to vehicles or goods you, for various reasons, wish to be able to track. can attach a tracking device on, for example, your car, either for rent for a limited time or as a purchase.
Sophisticated equipment
Not only do we possess the experience and the contacts necessary for efficient tracking, we also dispose of very sophisticated technical equipment and hold the qualifications to use it to the fullest.
Things to think about before you contact us
In order to fulfill a tracking assignment as efficiently as possible we ask you to bring the customary information, such as recent photos of the person you wish to find, close-ups of the face being the most helpful, any information about owned or utilized vehicles, information about the circumstances surrounding the disappearance, and contact information for friends and family etc.

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Some things to consider before contacting us

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