Privatdetektiver i Stockholm, Göteborg och Malmö

Inom branschen har vi många namn; privatdetektiver, detektivbyrå, utredningsföretag, spaningsföretag, säkerhetsföretag.Vi är privatdetektiver som finns verksamma i Stockholm, Göteborg och Malmö, men vi arbetar även rikstäckande och även internationellt.


We are a Swedish-Israeli company conducting investigations and intelligence services for individuals and organizations. Our private investigators is part of the major ISRA intelligence global network with offices around the globe. Our offices in Sweden are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. All our investigators are hand-picked and possess an unbeatable competence and a prior substantial experience from surveillance and research work and advanced IT knowledge. When you hire our private investigators – you are hiring the leading team in the entire country and we work under strict confidentiality and we concentrate on few investigations at one time. This means that your investigation will get full attention and good results in the end


When we conduct an investigation we can use a broad spectrum of measures and techniques to achieve our goal. We pay a lot of attention to cost-effectiveness – sometimes one way of conducting an investigation initially may be perceived as expensive, but if you take into account the fewer hours needed to arrive at a solution the final cost will be lower.

One feature that distinguishes us from all other private investigators is that all our surveillance operations are carried out by a team consisting of at least three investigators. This is a guarantee for a quick, safe, thorough and reliable result, our operations are never limited by a shortage of people. With this kind of teamwork we rely on our investigators manage to solve also the more complicated tasks and cases that other solitary investigators have to leave unsolved.


We have invested in state-of-the-art forensic technology and expertise. This gives us access to methods and procedures that is not accessible to many others in the private investigator industry. Our technical advantage is sometimes crucial for the success of a particular investigation. Limited technical or human resources is never an obstacle in our work. We dig deeper and do more.


Many investigations are dependent on surveillance operations being carried out in other countries. Our private investigators can perform investigations in Stockholm, Gothenburg och elsewhere in Sweden or other countries if needed. We have a unique ability to work in other countries and other regions thanks to our extensive international contact network. We are qualified for cross-border investigations with a distinct demand for competence, resources and international contacts.


For your safety, all our services are regulated by agreements of confidentiality and nondisclosure. We cooperate with local, national and international authorities and we always abide to rules and regulations.

Confidentiality applies from your first contact with us and if you wish to be anonymous for the duration of your call or first contact with us, this is up to you.


The easiest way to contact our private investigators in Stockholm is to call us on: +46 8 20 27 00, if you are calling from abroad. you may also send us an email to From this Office we can assist you no matter where your investigation will take place.
We speak English, Hebrew, and Swedish. You may also contact us after closing hours if your case is urgent and you need our assistance. Please call same number and wait for instructions. Our visiting address is Artillerigatan 6, SE-114 51 Stockholm. We are located in the heart of the city and closest Subway here is “Östermalmstorg”. Please be informed that due to security reasons we have only booked meetings, and no “drop in” is possible.